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"It's fun for the guys, that environment."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We are seeing a different environment and performance in the second half of the fiscal year compared to the first half, ... Some of the issues that negatively impacted our third quarter will continue to impact the remainder of our fiscal year. We, like many other companies, are watching the effect of a softening economy on our business."
Author: Rohde Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Enjoying the benefits of a healthy lawn and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand. It is our responsibility as the largest provider of consumer lawn and garden products to help educate consumers on stewardship issues and continuously improve products through design with the environment in mind."
"They're a few of my favorite words: reduce, save, eliminate. We care about the environment, and we care about -- quite honestly -- saving money."
Author: Day Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Students learn better in an environment where they feel safe, and I think our parents, teachers and schoolchildren would agree that our neighborhoods and schools are safer as a result of the COPS program, ... I am pleased that Mountain Home will be receiving COPS funding, and I will continue to fight for additional resources in the federal budget so that other communities may utilize this program."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"You need to get into football shape, and that has to be done in a certain environment, ... So we'll deal with whatever the system says he has to do, but it's our hope that they understand that there are certain circumstances that in order for him to go forward and do his job, there's some certain things that he needs to do."
"The Salem Civic Center is just a great environment. You get to compete with the best wrestlers in the state. There will be a lot of people there and it will be loud. It will be nerve wracking but it will be fun."
Author: Meritt Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Now we're moving into an environment where we've got consolidation at the industry level [and] restructuring at the bank level. It's really anybody's guess right now who the winners and losers are going to be."
"People who have tried to use NT outside of a workgroup environment and seen it fail, have retrenched with Unix, ... [Microsoft's] reality distortion is wearing off, and people are making more informed decisions."
"The tragic events of September 11 have clouded the global economic environment and trading conditions in the luxury goods industry."
Author: Sole Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"In this environment, we are aiming for dynamic sales growth that will translate into additional operating income and an operating margin equivalent to 2005, despite the additional negative impact from higher raw material costs."
"I don't have high expectations for revenue gains from HP in this environment."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We're not seeing a credit crunch today. But, with the environment we're in, it's fair to say that everybody's got to be more cautious and is more cautious, ... For the right deal and the right kind of structure, there is liquidity [available] -- there's just not a lot of demand."
"People tend to work in teams, in a collaborative way, in an informal network. If you create an environment like that, it's much more effective and much more efficient."
"The department stores did better than I expected to do. It was a decent performance in a tough environment for retail sales."
"This is just a slight blip. The markets focused on uncertainties in the world economic environment and a possible slowdown in mobile phone sales."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"You could argue that putting it near the convention center and the two major hotels down there, and the environment of the Strip, would make sense. I don't think that's an idle thought."
"For those folks in town, this is a good environment with some good soccer to watch."
"It is vital to create a conducive environment that enables backward integration with innovative work at the Industry level. We need to create the best regulatory framework to facilitate the fruits of industrial research reach into the market place."
Author: Jain Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We haven't had this kind of an environment since the Truman years."

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