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"It's always going to be competitive with everyone fighting for time. That's what I think creates a winning environment with everyone working hard."
Author: Holder Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The oil companies are making great gains in this environment of high prices, but consumers are paying the price. These are phenomenal profits — they're expected but completely out of line with what's right for the average American consumer who has to use their car to get to work."
Author: Manuel Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"A VPN really is a new environment, and an agency needs someone with networking expertise to drive the project in the right direction."
Author: Rohrer Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"As we evaluate the current economic environment, the [factory] over-capacity situation, the growth of the consumer and electronics markets, and our best prospects for profitable growth, we believe it is in the best interest of all our shareholders to move toward the higher growth and higher margin entertainment electronics business."
Author: French Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Miss Dietrich is not so much a performer as a one-woman environment."
Author: Canby Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It is possible to build a virtual-reality generator whose repertoire includes every possible environment."
"They're facing reality. They can offset some of that in a better revenue environment."
Author: Neidl Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We're going to be in a hostile environment against a very good team. It's going to take us rising to the level of our competition (to win)."
Author: Esquer Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We've got a tremendous opportunity here to do not only what is right for the environment, but what is right, economically, for the city of St. Paul, ... It's important that we have true leadership to do what we have to do to keep this plant open."
"I am working to make sure we don't only protect the environment, we also improve governance."
"In an environment of weak financial systems, lax supervisory regimes, and vague assurances about depositor or creditor protections, the state of confidence so necessary to the functioning of any banking system was torn asunder."
"a basic right to learn in an environment free of fear and violence."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The overall low risk aversion environment means that these risks aren't being priced correctly."
Author: Cairns Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Shopping ensues when the environment is improving and we believe things seem to be on an upswing for Cisco."
Author: Sue Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Today's investment environment presents excellent opportunities for investors with long-term buy-and-hold strategies."
Author: Sutton Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We believe today's investment environment presents excellent opportunities for those with buy-and-hold strategies, and we encourage all investors ? particularly those with less experience in the markets ? to stay focused on their long-term investment goals."
Author: Sutton Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Who is going to take care of the environment, not that many people as far as I'm concerned."
"It's a pretty happy civil environment. It's a sing-along, ... I've never been there without the band."
"Come into a hostile environment playing against the team that you started with and stick a dagger in their heart, sweet revenge. It doesn't get any better than that."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Ireland is just too successful, that's the problem, ... Ireland is seen as too expansionary given the current inflationary environment."
Author: Cliffe Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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