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"We believe PC demand remained sluggish in October and Intel is facing a more challenging competitive environment."
"The kids really hung together in a tough environment tonight."
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"Our 1998 performance is particularly rewarding given the highly competitive retail environment and the incremental costs associated with our transformation initiatives. These initiatives strengthen Liz Claiborne's leadership position in the apparel industry and position us for continued growth into the millennium."
"What kind of citizens are we creating if we bring students up in an environment of constant surveillance? Schoolchildren for hundreds of years have done fine walking down the hall under the watchful eyes of teachers. There are so many educational demands and unmet needs, so you have to wonder if this is really the best use of limited resources."
"I think we're going to have to begin to believe that we're not in an inflationary environment. Sooner or later it's going to sink in."
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"It's our job to teach them how to survive within the environment they are living in. If it's not a threat to society, the family or the child, they need to learn how to survive within that environment."
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"Our economic environment looks very bright."
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"There is a correlation between top-scoring laws and the quality of the charter environment in that state."
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"Yet you can make good money in that environment. It just takes a different strategy; you try to hold a core bunch of stocks you think are in secular bull markets and trade at inflection points."
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"It's such a different environment, I can't even tell you. Ten years ago, knocking on somebody's door saying 'Do you have a bottle of wine?', they would have laughed at me. It certainly has gone more toward wine-drinking than just beer-drinking for sure."
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"Everyone buys. This will afford an environment for businesses to network and share with other businesses what they have to offer."
"It will be a controlled environment. We'll look at stats and medical reports. We'll monitor it and look at the cause and effect. I don't think the game would be different. There would just be more good rugby."
"No population fluctuates as much as 90% naturally, especially in such a stable environment as the deep-sea. Any changes made to halt these population declines would not be evident for several generations?approximately 100 years."
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"This suggests the (capital markets) environment was even better than we thought macro-wise,"
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"The tests do nothing to enhance Pakistan's security environment. They further escalate tension and heighten concerns about an arms race in South Asia.... In carrying out these further tests, Pakistan has acted in flagrant disregard of international opinion.... The international community is united in its insistence that Pakistan should refrain from further tests."
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"We're a very small firm and have a very trusting environment. We feel violated."
"We must find innovative ways to grow and thrive as a region without compromising our environment, ... This is not an easy task.... It means getting the most bang for our buck, or to put it another way, getting the most green for our green."
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"As we look at the 2006 environment, we see it continuing to be challenging. We wanted to move aggressively to deal with that environment."
"I love Steamboat. The audience is really uplifting. The vibe is always good. It's just a hip environment."
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"I've fallen in love with the course, and the environment. I've never been a fan of TPC courses, so it's nice to play old-school courses like this one that are laid out right in front of you. It's not one of the hardest, but it's fair and you know you have to go low."
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