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"I do see Eclipse eating away at the non-Microsoft IDE environment, but I think that it doesn't threaten Microsoft's IDE at all."
"We didn't see any surprises in January, considering the weak yen and the incentive environment."
"We're young and we're building. They played hard in a hostile environment."
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"Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble."
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"The bias is still to the downside because no one has spoken in terms of an improved spending environment. The [second-quarter] estimates were fairly high with double-digit earnings growth built into a lot of the models. Without spending picking up, we think estimates have to come down, therefore the valuations come down and the stock prices come down."
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"In general, the people of California care about the environment. If we tell them why we're doing this, that we don't want these contaminants re-entering the environment, and if we tell them where to dispose of the items, I think we'll see a major change within three to six months."
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"So he's got an environment in which you don't really have a bonfire burning, a grassroots demand for tax cuts, ... He's going to have to go out and make that case because otherwise Democrats are going to be able to go out and say, 'Look, this will endanger programs that you care about.'"
"It?s a very different economic environment from 10, even five years ago."
"[Marketers subscribing to this idea believe that people give more honest responses in their natural environment than during traditional focus group studies.] There's often a gross disconnect between the public persona that people present and what their values actually are, ... The person that shows up for a focus group is often at variance from who people are in their private life."
"We've done all that we can think, as far as testing in a one-G environment and simulating the effects of our (shuttle) maneuvers on the mast. But there is that element of risk that there may be something we didn't get, that we don't quite understand."
"The virus is of course entrenched in the environment, not only in China but in many other countries."
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"We show the first wild images of a giant squid in its natural environment,"
"Microsoft is building a more robust environment, with network checks and system screening conducted before access to an internal system is granted."
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"It's loud here, but nothing compared to the playoff environment in Edmonton. That's a whole new level. Maybe the sound doesn't' funnel down here (at Joe Louis) but it's huge in Edmonton."
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"Economists are expecting things to gradually improve but realize that we are in a tougher environment now. I expect that 3 to 5 years from now we'll have some respectable gains of 5 percent to 10 percent annualized returns, but don't build a plan for anything better than that."
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"I don't want to talk about the environment and the American Indian viewpoint, I hate the word Native American. Its a government term, which was created in the year 1970 in the Department of the Interior, a generic term that describes all the prisoners of the United States of America."
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"The futures would be risky at this time as the domestic economic and judicial environment is not mature."
"We spent a lot of time thinking India versus China and we're more comfortable with the Indian regulatory environment. India has a lot of positives on that score, and a long tradition of Democracy."
"All of these things point to an improving environment for stocks, but the outlook for the year remains flat, ... I would think the S&P 500 will trade in a range of about 1,075 to 1,125 until the fourth quarter."
"You need a system that lets you take in new data as the environment changes, and adjust your existing marketing model or create a new one if changes are significant. It's difficult to do that in a timely and systematic manner without software."

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