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"The question is how far does it go from here. Certainly the environment is conducive to strength, because the global economic fundamentals are good."
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"We always love to be at home. It's a totally different environment for us at home also, and so that statement was made that the championship goes through C.C. Like I said before, we will find out tomorrow night if that's true or not."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Our environment is going from the natural environment to a built environment. How will you manage that transition is the key."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The issues of environmental science and the quality of the environment may be some of the most important ones of the 21st century."
Author: Penley Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"This will be their first game in this type of environment. I'm sure they'll be a little wide-eyed, but hopefully we've learned our lesson in terms of young players and how they prepare."
"British Columbians are showing that it is possible to protect the environment and provide the economic foundation for healthy communities. This innovative rainforest agreement provides a real-world example of how people and wilderness can prosper together."
"In an environment where mine supply is broadly static, central bank sales effectively constrained and scrap supply declining, strong physical demand is genuinely important."
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"One of the benefits of creating a great work environment is its effect on retaining highly valued workers. This is an opportunity for an organization to reward its leader and also create a unique employment benefit that can help the nonprofit retain that leader."
"There's very little upstream capacity. We're still living in a disrupted world oil supply environment."
Author: Caruso Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The administration's legislative record on the environment is unbelievably thin. They have passed virtually nothing."
Author: Pope Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"They are checking out their environment and determining what their opportunities and their options are, ... Our view is, we are not going to give them any."
"They posted stellar results despite an uncertain macro environment. It's a testament to the strength of the brand and their ability to execute. There appears to be no slowdown in spending for the luxury consumer."
"They are not going to let Apple take that environment."
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"Las Vegas gets it. Las Vegas understands that this is a very competitive environment both internally and internationally. And Las Vegas supports the product, supports the brand with a very large budget."
Author: Tisch Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"This suggests the (capital markets) environment was even better than we thought macro-wise."
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"The weather was pretty ugly. Certainly, the environment is a fairly significant factor."
"Right now, I like the house and the environment, it's very nice."
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"I don't think anyone is hitting the panic button. But there is an acute recognition of the grim environment that both parties are operating in."
Author: Bond Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It's a flat environment?there's no balcony, no slant or slope to the seating?and there are big screens up front."
"The plight of California's natural environment is mirrored by the plight of the salamander, ... As the salamander loses its habitat, so too does California lose its precious oak woodlands, grasslands and vernal pools."
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