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Environment Quotes

686 Environment quotes:

"Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric."
Author: Crosby Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It was a great environment for a hockey game. The fans were terrific. It felt like a playoff game. The crowd was into it. It was nice to see such great support from the fans. I thought right from the outset the building was electric."
"I don't know if [toughness] comes from the academy and what this environment breeds, but they feed off of that. Somehow we've got to become tougher. They stepped up and kicked our butts."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"They're very flexible. They don't solidify. They're stable, nonflammable, non-toxic and they pose no threat to the environment,"
Author: West Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will - his personal responsibility in the realm of faith and morals"
"It's more than fairly priced given the lack of visibility and a more constrained hospital (spending) environment."
Author: Cranna Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The days of eating salad may be over, but 5 [percent return] is ample sustenance in a low inflationary environment."
Author: Gross Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"That's a good environment to hit in."
Author: Greene Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It was his first start in a hostile environment, and he did pretty darned good."
Author: Richt Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Our goal is to convert the traditional retail online photo site into a cross media environment for the ordering of photos and music. We will take the traditional photo site, which has the capabilities to process photos and other related photo merchandise, and combine it with the ability to order music and other content, such as videos and games, for on-demand production on a CD or DVD within an hour - all new revenue streams for the retailer."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It's going to be a pretty intense environment down there. I'm sure they are going to have a much bigger following than we're used to, they probably get a lot more fans and it's going to be a night game. So the atmosphere will probably be good and we just have to make sure that were not overwhelmed by that."
Author: Rhodes Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We're familiar with the two teams, and it's a comfortable environment to have the two teams that we know really well. Neither one is going to fold under pressure and we are going to have to step up and take our best shot."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"To protect our environment, our food supply and our health, I have been an opponent of the Clean Air Mercury Rule since it was first published,"
Author: Gregg Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"In a challenging retail environment, I am pleased to report our first year with net earnings in excess of $6 billion and our first-ever quarter with earnings over $2 billion,"
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It's definitely going to impact the environment economically. This is a serious undertaking."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Even though it's a tough environment for travel related stocks, the catalyst for American Express is going to be the ruling against Visa and MasterCard. It's a very significant positive."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"On TV, it looks great ... but it's really a scary environment on the floor. The other thing it does is it takes away from what a great win Florida State had. They shouldn't (have to) be addressing their lack of security or whatever. ... They should be talking about how great their kids played and what a great win it was for their program."
"I believe I'm going to love it. It's great for the environment and for us. Now everybody has to be held to the same high standards that we are."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"As I incrementally add servers horizontally to a load-balanced environment, the price for additional capacity is less. If I add one server for $10,000 versus one for $25,000 or $50,000, it makes a difference."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We would hope for an improved security environment because otherwise many people who may wish to participate would be deterred."
Author: Qazi Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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