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Environment Quotes

686 Environment quotes:

"The idea is to create an environment where people can have the best of all worlds."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Failure to comply with hazardous waste regulations endangers both human health and the environment and will not be tolerated."
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"It's big to come back from a disappointing match in a team environment. I've gotten a lot of support from these guys. It's never hard to get up for Davis Cup."
"If Wisconsin is perceived as an environment that is anti- science, it's going to damage our state, ... This bill has the potential to do that."
"It is an unforgiving environment."
"Sky increased sales to new customers and achieved strong profit growth this quarter despite facing a challenging competitive environment and continued economic pressure on consumers."
"It's helping farmers and it's helping the environment. If you have ever been around (petroleum) diesel, the fumes are enough to make you sick."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"But it is more than just the teachers who create a good learning environment for the students. It's the bus drivers and cooks and janitors and teaching assistants and secretaries."
"They posted stellar results despite an uncertain macro environment, ... It's a testament to the strength of the brand and their ability to execute. There appears to be no slowdown in spending for the luxury consumer."
"Significant investments throughout 2006 and an improving employment environment should produce substantial earnings growth over the next few years."
Author: Marcon Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"There's a role it (the Center) symbolically plays in protection of the natural environment, and there's even more of a practical role it can play under the right leadership. This is a woman who gets it, and is willing to try new things when it comes to protection of the environment."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"In terms of the environment, the two organizing committees are taking forward a green torch first lit at Lillehammer, Norway in 1994,"
"The differences between a competent person and an incompetent person are demonstrated in his environment (surroundings)."
Author: Hubbard Quotes Category: Environment Quotes Competence Quotes
"It's quite hearty in the environment."
"As hostile as they've been it would not be a good working environment."
"It was a tough year for Wal-Mart given the macro-economic environment and its customer base being under pressure."
Author: Husson Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The vast material displacements the machine has made in our physical environment are perhaps in the long run less important than its spiritual contributions to our culture."
"It's a neat environment. All of those things kind of enter into it. And at the appropriate time, when we really have an opportunity to put things together, that's when we'll do it. There really isn't a line in the sand."
Author: Bohn Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"I couldn't be in a better environment for us to achieve our goals, ... From everything from what Arte has committed to this organization, from the top down to the Minors couldn't be better. Nobody has a crystal ball, but I don't know if there is a better managerial job out there in baseball."
"Keeping costs down and getting close to the customer makes an awful lot of sense when the revenue environment is flattening."

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