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"This is in response to the commoditization of the product in a market that faces a very difficult environment. It gives the groups the opportunity to find synergies at a difficult time for the industry."
"We have a very cautious consumer in an environment with rising prices for (things like) gasoline and natural gas. But in my opinion, it won't cause people to stop traveling."
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"I remember people who were trying to make it run. Water isn't a good environment to run mechanical things in, so there are significant challenges. And this one runs in water."
"I like the small-school environment. When I've talked with Coach Turk and Coach (Steven) Hicks, both reflect what the program is about. I think the program is just going to continue to get better and it's something I look forward to being a part of."
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"This is a government which will create an investor and enterprise friendly environment,"
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"EDS continued to perform well in a very challenging economic environment, ... Our robust contract signings over the past two years have kept revenues growing well ahead of industry rates."
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"It's important to have a law enforcement presence around residence halls because it creates a safe environment for students. Also, anyone that would want to impose illegal activity in the halls, they will see the area is being protected."
"It was an awesome environment and a back-and-forth game. Our kids did a good job of handling some adversity and getting the win."
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"If you're prone to losing your focus, you can lose it fast in an environment like that."
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"Trying to manage money in this environment, you can't imagine how stressful this is."
"The load factors are unprecedented, and in a pre-9/11 environment, this would clearly be a boon to (higher fares). With the way things are, we are only getting a modest (fare) benefit."
"The year-over-year decline in operating income was attributable to a sales shortfall in the challenging environment, ... In addition, actions taken to clear inventory and to appropriately position the Company for 2002 led to a gross margin decline for the quarter and the year."
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"So, I always try to encourage people to use this kind of environment to reposition themselves into the right areas, and I think you want to focus particularly on the communications sector, on businesses that improve the bandwidth of the communications network."
"In the environment that we are in right now, where the market is growing rapidly, the most common area that we tend to see investors running into problems is in cold calling,"
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"what we believe will continue to be a tough economic environment."
"Investors are very reluctant to hold positions in an environment like this. People are anticipating that if the data on consumer sentiment is fairly innocuous, the day could be over at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning."
"Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric."
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"It was a great environment for a hockey game. The fans were terrific. It felt like a playoff game. The crowd was into it. It was nice to see such great support from the fans. I thought right from the outset the building was electric."
"I don't know if [toughness] comes from the academy and what this environment breeds, but they feed off of that. Somehow we've got to become tougher. They stepped up and kicked our butts."
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"I heard it was a hostile environment and I heard in the CIAA every place we play is going to be tough. But we just went out there and didn't worry about it."
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