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Events Quotes

567 Events quotes:

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."
Author: Aurelius Quotes Category: Events Quotes Roman Soldier Quotes
"The great events of life often leave one unmoved; they pass out of consciousness, and, when one thinks of them, become unreal. Even the scarlet flowers of passion seem to grow in the same meadow as the poppies of oblivion."
"Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away."
Author: Aurelius Quotes Category: Events Quotes Roman Soldier Quotes
"We also had the tragic events of September 11th, and I know for everyone that's caused us to step back, think about our priorities. It's a tragedy that affects us personally and affects our businesses. For the computer industry in particular, I think it highlights the importance of security, giving that far more importance than we've had in the past. We don't want our digital systems to have weaknesses that allow for tragedies, exploiting the weaknesses that are there. And so there's a renewed sense of focus on that."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Never awake me when you have good news to announce, because with good news nothing presses; but when you have bad news, arouse me immediately, for then there is not an instant to be lost."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We know nothing of what will happen in future, but by the analogy of experience"
Author: Lincoln Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon."
"The appearance and retirement of actors are the great events of the theatrical world; and their first performances fill the pit with conjecture and prognostication, as the first actions of a new monarch agitate nations with hope and fear"
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Resolve to be honest at all events: and if in your judgment you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer. Choose some other occupation."
Author: Lincoln Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Only events and not a man's exertions in his own behalf, can make a President"
Author: Lincoln Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The great things in life are what they seem to be. And for that reason, strange as it may sound to you, often are very difficult to interpret (understand). Great passion are for the great of souls. Great events can only be seen by people who are on a level with them. We think we can have our visions for nothing. We cannot. Even the finest and most self-sacrificing visions have to paid for. Strangely enough, that is what makes them fine."
"History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren't there."
"Old men and comets have been reverenced for the same reason: their long beards, and pretenses to foretell events"
Author: Swift Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Music is a means of giving form to our inner feelings, without attaching them to events or objects in the world"
Author: Santayana Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I find that the further I go back, the better things were, whether they happened or not."
Author: Twain Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"one of the fortuitous events, one of the great pieces of luck in my life."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Obviously, we need to see the details of all the patients and the adverse events to be able to interpret the importance of these toxicities, ... Given this advisory, I think we'll be less likely to use this compound, considering there are other alternatives available."
Author: Washington Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"
Author: Lennon Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"When terrible events like this happen, everyone has to pull together and help out, ... That is the area of the country where I grew up and I know that any support those people get will be greatly needed and much appreciated."
Author: Barkley Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The great man is not convulsible or tormentable, events pass over him without much impression"
Author: Emerson Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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