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Events Quotes

567 Events quotes:

"The threat has not gone away. Big sports events are becoming more and more global, with a huge number of viewers. Individual athletes have a higher profile. These events provide a global platform for anyone with an axe to grind."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"All these events happened many, many years ago, and he is not the same person today. He has renounced these activities."
Author: Friedman Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It just really helps having all those points coming out of the field events. It gives us a little bit of a cushion to start the running events."
Author: Schmaltz Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The show is excellent. It really highlights the wide variety of events and attractions in southern Wisconsin."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"If it's a large venue where there are multiple rooms and events happening at once, crashing is more likely to happen. Crashers are often dressed appropriately already, so it happens more easily."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We're talking about functionality, how the place will be used, the kind of events, the circulation inside the building."
Author: Holt Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We must understand how and why these events happen and what must be done to keep them from happening again."
Author: Rueben Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Leah was solid in all three of her events. She will impress a lot of people this year."
Author: Warner Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The American people should never feel scared to go out to visit events that are their heritage, and that's exactly why law enforcement takes such a strong preparatory stance for these events."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We're going to do even more cross-promotion of each others' events. This is actually getting pretty exciting."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Acute events are much more destructive if long-term planning hasn't been done, ... So it's in our interest to be concerned about controlling infections like TB even outside our own borders."
Author: Lipsitch Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"These kinds of events are a great opportunity to help young people develop a love of science and to showcase their creativity and ability to discover, learn, and experiment with science and technology."
Author: Bachand Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"He can give his version of events, I can give mine. They are part of the game so why can't they speak?"
Author: Jewell Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Rome from street level. (It's) Rome from the point of view of ordinary people caught up in the extraordinary events of that time."
Author: Heller Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"due to the unimaginable events."
Author: Greene Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"There just has not been enough time to plan this with all the other events."
Author: Eilf Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"But I also enjoyed the way more realistic, earthly events, like somebody peeking in the window, which you just happen to notice as the camera swings past, would redeem that film from being too much of a purist exercise."
Author: Foreman Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I don't know what you can do about it. It's just one of those unfortunate events that happen in rural areas."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"A lot of people are going to speculate going into this weekend about events on Monday, ... And you don't know what the questions are. We don't know what the questions are. You don't know what the answers are. We don't know what the answers are the president will give, what the president decides to say or decides not to say."
Author: McCurry Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It's really a team activity. The kids work together, critique each other's events and talk about what they need to do."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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