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567 Events quotes:

"The events written about are very regrettable, ... Any problems reported have been exaggerated but nonetheless, my wife and I have resolved all issues. The incidents reported will remain private and personal. At this time, I am choosing to handle this matter and all future matters directly and confidentially with the Dodgers. While I continue to work on my off the field issues, my energy is also directed towards preparing for season-ending knee surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Steve will be excellent guiding us through the events surrounding the role of Gonzales in the fight for Texas independence."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I came back to a couple of homecoming events, like when I went into the Wall of Fame. And I have been in La Crosse for a couple of physical therapy conferences. Every time, I sneak into Mitchell Hall and look at the (championship) banner. It brings back great memories."
Author: Hansen Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I was never contacted to see if I could provide space for any centennial events, ... It is well understood that when you are 'out of favor' with the ruling elite, you get the short end of the stick."
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"The Orphan Car Show is very different from other enthusiast events in that it showcases hundreds of forgotten and unusual vehicles. Visitors can enjoy an outstanding collection of cars, trucks and motorcycles -- many they may never have seen before. Our colorfully entertaining pass-in-review is a rolling history lesson that breathes new life into each vehicle."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We only won two races, ... but we only had two events that we didn't have anybody in the top eight in. Out of 19 events, that's not bad."
Author: Gole Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We are gathering all the information we can about the events,"
Author: Painter Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Absolutely. It's one of those events you can mark off the checklist."
Author: Tedford Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Recent events have raised chances of still another [half-percentage-point] cut in rates just when all had been expecting a throttling back in the rate of easing,"
Author: DiClemente Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Taste Washington is one of the largest wine events in the nation highlighting a single wine region, providing connoisseurs and novices alike with the opportunity to mingle with Washington winemakers, sample hundreds of award winning wines and learn from leading experts in the field. We are introducing some changes to Taste Washington this year to bring the focus back to wine and create a more relaxed, intimate tasting experience for attendees. With more than 380 wineries located in virtually every corner of the state, our 'Ultimate Wine Tour' theme shines a spotlight on the many touring regions wine enthusiasts can visit, and reinforces the message that Washington state truly is wine country."
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"She has been a surprise in the middle distance and distance events."
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"These events that we are seeing in Asia, the depreciations are inherently deflationary and many of the larger U.S. companies are the ones that do have exposure within their earnings mix to Asia. Those earnings are going to be tough to grow probably over the course of the next 12 months."
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"Steven is in the core of the next generation. We are in a rebuilding phase in our speed events, and he is an important piece of that."
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"It was not one of those preplanned events. It seemed to come out of nowhere."
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"Attorney General Lynch is pleased by this turn of events. We look forward to the jury getting the case and reaching a resolution that the people of Rhode Island deserve."
Author: Healey Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"This is their version of events and we accept that and we are now going to let the investigation determine if there are any variations to that."
Author: Lundy Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Year after year, we've had growth with our events, Katrina aside. But when you throw Katrina in the mix, we have the potential for an even greater number of people."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"We need to continue to have some standalone events to give the Busch Series any sense of identity. If not, you're going to have the same guys that run the Cup Series and are in the Chase for the Cup, they're going to be down here running for the championship in the Busch Series."
Author: Keller Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Unfortunately, referring to recent events, we are forced to add certain countries (to the special needs list). We have done everything possible."
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"But the more information that comes out, the more explicable and human historical events become. The details make the story real."
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