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"Natural selection is not evolution."
"I think everybody has been surprised at the speed of evolution we've seen in the sector. Usually new technologies take quite a while to catch on. The Internet has really changed the rules."
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"There are a lot of factors for injuries. The evolution of the size and speed of players, the amount of training, the types of field can all be factors. The No. 1 think we're looking for is whether there are any red flags?"
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"This is an incredible step in terms of the evolution of the law of the river."
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"Consolidation was a necessary and positive trend in the evolution of these businesses. But we have entered a new era of rapid technological change and global competition. Bulk will not ensure success."
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"Consolidation was a necessary and positive trend in the evolution of these businesses,"
Author: Redstone Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes
"From Club Court to Center Court: The Evolution of Professional Tennis in Cincinnati."
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"It will be a slow evolution. Dividends are a long-term investor's focus and for folks that are more short-term oriented it's not essential. And let's face it. A lot of tech investors tend to be shorter-term investors than average investors."
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"The proof of evolution lies in those adaptations that arise from improbable foundations."
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"The simplest scheme of evolution is one that depends on two processes; a generator and a test. The task of the generator is to produce variety, new forms that have not existed previously, whereas the task of the test is to cull out the newly generated forms so that only those that are well fitted to the environment will survive."
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"The human brain is still undergoing rapid adaptive evolution,"
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes
"Evolution is a process. As long as there's life on the planet, it can't not happen."
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"I am quite sure that our views on evolution would be very different had biologists studied genetics and natural selection before and not after most of them were convinced that evolution had occurred."
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"We are still being modeled by evolution."
"This is not some archaic branch of evolution. This is our branch of evolution. This is our wrist. This is the evolution of our neck."
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"There's a lot still to do in Evolution."
"Evolution no longer looks like a random process to me; it looks like a set-up job. My sense is that we'll discover the means to detect the design scientifically."
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"PROBOSCIS, n. The rudimentary organ of an elephant which serves him in place of the knife-and-fork that Evolution has as yet denied him. For purposes of humor it is popularly called a trunk. Asked how he knew that an elephant was going on a journey, the illustrious Jo. Miller cast a reproachful look upon his tormentor, and answered, absently: ""When it is ajar,"" and threw himself from a high promontory into the sea. Thus perished in his pride the most famous humorist of antiquity, leaving to mankind a heritage of woe! No successor worthy of the title has appeared, though Mr. Edward bok, of _The Ladies' Home Journal_, is much respected for the purity and sweetness of his personal character."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes
"The pre-human creature from which man evolved was unlike any other living thing in its malicious viciousness toward its own kind. Humanization was not a leap forward but a groping toward survival."
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"There has been no evolution of the quarterback,"
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