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"They're our leaders in every aspect. Ann, she just leads by example. ... The biggest thing is that when Coach gets on you, he's only trying to help you. Sometimes, people let it get the best of them because he's so intense, you might think he doesn't like you. But the best thing is to take it as a positive."
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"It's an example of how bad the situation is that we would have to come up with this idea."
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"One alternative would be to organize around customers and market segments or to organize, for example, around WSJ as a franchise. Either would involve more integration for print and online. Advertisers could be expecting us to be approaching them not just with a print offering and with an online offering, but with a cross-media offering."
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"The position of First Lady has no rules, just precedent, so its evolution has been at a virtual standstill for years. If Martha Washington didn't do it, then no one is sure it should be done."
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"Our Vestige kitchen and bath faucets are a perfect example of this trend. Stylistically, it has a very traditional, classic feel, but little details make it more luxurious. A geometric base and curved, flowing spout provide a touch of sophistication."
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"Anytime you can give a concrete example helps."
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"Precept guides, but example draws."
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"An ounce of practice is worth a pound of preaching."
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"Dolly Parton may be the ultimate example of this, ... It's an aesthetic that's in your face: big hair, short dresses, an emphasis on her physique, and she's making lots of money in the process. Like her, [today's singers] take demeaning images in Southern culture, turn it all on its head, and say, 'I'm really outsmarting you.'"
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"This is not what I am suggesting that should be on the building. But this is just an example of the style of folk art that the logo should be like."
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"This results in a yellow or green tinge being observed when large volumes are tapped into a bath for example. This is not the case when the water is in smaller quantities like a glass or jug."
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"Dave is a perfect example of a kid that just wants to do anything for the team. He does whatever we ask of him and he's just happy to do whatever he can do for the team. He truly is a team player."
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"I need to be on all the coverage units, ... I need to lead by example. I haven't done that so far this year and I plan on going out and doing that. ... The coaches and I talked about it and it's a necessity. It's team over individual goals. I'm a team player and that's the way I play."
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"The one-person, one-vote cases are the example of the judiciary being the most activist ever . . . it led to the redrawing of districts for almost every representative institute in the United States, from the smallest town council to congressional delegations."
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"I think my father would want to be remembered as an example, but not just in his field. He would want to serve as an example of how anyone from nowhere could apply themselves and one day make a difference."
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"The bond market reacted directly to the equities market, like a textbook example."
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"Cindy is a leader on and off the court. She leads by example. She's one of hardest-working players I've ever had."
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"Katie leads by example and is very different from Rachael. Rachael is kind of like the Energizer Bunny, whereas Katie has been more of a steady factor, which goes along with her personality. Anything Katie does, Katie does well and she takes great pride in that."
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"They're paying for an image and for example, I'm with Cover Girl and they want an all-American clean, fresh person. I think I do a pretty good job, you know, and maybe you guys think it's being overpaid. I think , it's like, you know, being a sports star, you're an image."
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"It seems that this is another example of heavy trucks that are forced off the interstate and onto local roads, where they put Maine citizens and motorists needlessly at risk."
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