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"A piece of fruit, something as simple as an orange may have all kinds of potential pests, ... Medfly, for example, is one that has been a major problem for us here in the United States in both California and Florida. In 1979 we had an outbreak of medfly in California -- in 1997 we had one in Florida. This was brought in by someone inadvertently on a piece of fruit and cost literally hundreds of millions of dollars for us to eradicate."
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"I use (Pittsfield) as an example all the time. The reason it worked was a dedicated, focused group of people."
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"We didn't know we had such a good example so close by."
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"Having been raised by an aunt who set the CDF kind of example, I can truly say that this great organization already feels like family to me, and I look forward to doing all I can to amplify their message."
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"The focus right now is team-oriented. Everyone is contributing ... Today was just another example of that."
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"You have to check out 'March of the Penguins. Penguins are the really ideal example of monogamy."
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"This match is another example that the team is capable of coming out of any trouble. It was a very, very good test match."
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"We took care of it, but it's a small example of what else might be out there. It's staggering to even think about."
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"Achieving this is not easy. Making things simple is really, really hard. For example, IBM has done well with its SAN Volume Controller, but it took six years to get it to market."
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"Lauderdale Courts was placed on the National Historic Register because it's such a great example of public housing - not because Elvis lived there, ... But when his fans rose up to protest [the demolition], it gave the project cachet."
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"What is happening in Tal Afar is an example of what should happen in other troubled places of Iraq,"
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"This is a great example of using today's technology to learn about the past."
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"The US has set an important example for the rest of the world to follow."
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"They've always had a long-term plan and they've always drafted well. A good example is Scott Hartnell. He's only 23 years old, but he's already a solid, five-year veteran and he's got a long career ahead of him."
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"It's a great example of how you can lose it all for everyone if you set out to gain an extra cent for yourself."
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"Just another example. We see it week after week. The guys who hit it 290 — and that's not chopped liver — are getting penalized for not being able to hit it 320."
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"There are clear improvements in the banking sector, for example, where the legacy of directed lending is slowly giving way to a more market-based allocation of credit supported by the involvement of foreign strategic investors."
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"They've kind of set things into motion for guys like me and Adam. We're taking their example. We just want to keep up with the tradition."
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"I like to use the example that building a car is hard, but building the first car is quite hard."
"I am not really a vocal leader, but I try to lead by example. I really had to step it up this year, but it's hard."
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