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"We try to be the best. Leonard is doing that on his own and setting a good example for students and teachers."
Author: Cullen Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We need to get that taste in our mouth so we can set a tradition here to set the example for the younger ones."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"He has to lead the national team. He has to be a model and an example."
Author: Parreira Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"a shining example of the enduring spirit of the American people."
Author: Mineta Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We can't tell you, for example today, what fraction of the water in the sky falls as rain and snow at any instant in time."
Author: Stephens Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Most students appeal their grades because they feel like they have been unfairly treated. For example, a student might appeal their grades because they had excessive absences and got what he or she thought was an unfair grade."
"This corporation is truly an example of corporate partnership and we are truly thankful for their support over the years and if it were not for them some of our events may not have been produced or would not have been as successful were it not for Arkansas Steel Associates."
Author: Butts Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Pluto is a dynamic example of what we might call an anti-greenhouse effect."
Author: Gurwell Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"She's the best defender in the league. I don't know what we'd do without her. She's a great example, and busts her tail every day."
Author: Judkins Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"I pick up so much just by seeing how they do things on the field, learning by example."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Perhaps even negative examples can be of use. This example can be very illustrative, and might even serve to tell people, don't grow this fast."
Author: Campos Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"The urgency around this issue kind of dissipated. I think it's an example of how unpredictable things are. We got distracted."
Author: Treanor Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"[There was the Arkansas Klansman Thom Robb, for example, who couldn't quite figure out where he fit in.] He wanted to give the Klan an image makeover, by banning the robes and the hoods and the 'N word' -- as he always called it ... and hatred in general, ... even though his members were always sidling up to him and whispering, 'Uh, Thom, we kind of joined the Klan because we wanted to hate people.'"
Author: Ronson Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We believe that candidate is a glaring example of what is wrong with the system. We think the process is a good process, we're just asking for a tweak here and there."
Author: Unser Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We can bring crews in from other areas, too. If Monterey is hard hit and Bakersfield, for example, is not, we can bring crews in from there."
Author: Swanson Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"For example, this was the case for arid and semi-arid areas where lawn irrigation and planting changed the ecosystems from shrub lands and desert to deciduous forests."
Author: Imhoff Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"MLB Advanced Media is an excellent example of an organization using technology to their advantage to create superior content. MLB will be well equipped for their current and future production needs."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"[Mel Brooks, for example, was one director who missed out.] 'Young Frankenstein' came close, ... but we ended up with old 'Frankenstein.'"
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"[As an example, merging the neighboring Brown and Schuyler offices] might be a logical consolidation, ... What we would be looking at is would it be better to consolidate everyone from Mount Sterling to Rushville or perhaps Rushville to Mount Sterling or a more central location."
Author: Alexander Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"This is another example of meritless gigantism that could be anywhere, and is the least successful of the gallery's six attempts to exploit its most unsympathetic space."
Author: Sewell Quotes Category: Example Quotes

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