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"We just did not execute in overtime, and the execution was really simple, ... They just got the ball to Jason and let him operate."
Author: Bryant Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"We are definitely disappointed. Our execution wasn't very good."
Author: Ruff Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"This is about you... . You did it on time, you did it with a good plan, you did it with violent execution, you did it taking care of one another,"
Author: Franks Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"The fourth quarter is likely to be filled with anxiety-provoking rumor and speculation - not fun for investors. Moreover, we do think that many investors may feel that they have heard too many excuses about execution to buy into the stock now, even at levels around $100."
"We lost focus. We lost execution and defensive intensity and that is how they [Maryland] got back into the game."
"The concept is one that people getthe ability to enjoy your music, photos and videos from anywhere in your room. It's all in the implementation and execution. You can see the Apple detailsit's an experience unlike anything else that exists."
Author: Joswiak Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"Our execution was good and we did some other things well."
Author: Irvin Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"We have been inconsistent on offense this year and we were today. I was pleased with our defense. We held a good team to 45 points, but we had bad stretches on offense. It wasn't just the shooting, it was the execution."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Execution Quotes Good Team Quotes
"UCLA's execution in the first half was a thing of beauty. Their screens, their cuts, their timing was perfect. In the second half, we made them earn it."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Execution Quotes Second Half Quotes
"The secret, if there was one, was the execution of our players."
Author: LeBeau Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"Ultimately, it still boils down to execution. Our guys have to get open, the quarterback has to find them, and the linemen have to give them the benefit of protection. We'll have to hope they don't hit us with the stuff that we haven't seen already because that element of surprise can sometimes create a sack for the other team."
"TV is not about ideas. It's about execution. And writing and casting. That's why most of TV drama's biggest stars have been character actors, not romantic leads. Peter Falk. Telly Savalas. Angela Lansbury. They can inhabit a role for years, and that's the TV challenge. I like to say a successful movie lasts 110 minutes. A successful TV series lasts 110 hours."
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"I thought we played hard at times but our execution was not very good. We felt that they were bigger but I thought we were faster. They turned it in to a half court game and they beat us. We just didn't make the plays we needed to make in order to win the game."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"I was overall please with our effort. I told the guys I wanted championship level competitiveness and execution."
"This is the last major positive catalyst for the stock. Going forward, shares should track more closely with the fundamentals of the business because now investors will be focused on execution."
Author: Bracelin Quotes Category: Execution Quotes Investors Quotes
"it was just a great job of execution."
"They got the option going, and we were scrambling with that a little bit, then they play-action a little bit and come down with the ball. That's good play-calling and some good execution on their part."
Author: Pinkel Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"I don't believe it's as simple as just better shooting. It's just a case of we've really been running our plays well and are getting better open looks. And we've been knocking them down, so execution has been the biggest thing."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"It's not a mental thing. It's just execution. We don't execute when we get down there like we need to. That is something we need to work on."
Author: Lelie Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"Our third quarter used car sales growth reflected increased traffic compared with last year's third quarter, as well as continuing strong execution. We were able to sustain positive momentum even as the cross-shopping benefit from this summer's new car employee pricing programs waned. Subsequently, new car sales and traffic levels dropped significantly, reflecting the limited model year close-out vehicle availability that resulted from the success of the employee pricing programs."

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