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"...colleges being nothing but grooming schools for the middleclass non-identity which usually finds its perfect expression on the outskirts of the campus in rows of well-to-do houses with lawns and television sets is each living room with everybody looking at the same thing and thinking the same thing at the same time while the Japhies of the world go prowling in the wilderness..."
Author: Kerouac Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"This is essentially a lockdown on freedom of expression,"
Author: Domini Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"This is essentially a lockdown on freedom of expression."
Author: Domini Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"The negative aspects of Scottish Nationalism are a kind of aggressive complacency, that sort of boasting; but that's an expression of insecurity, I think, of a lack of confidence."
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Expression Quotes Scottish Poet Quotes
"A smile is the most important expression a star can make. If the smile is a 200-watt smile, it's extraordinary. It's become a cosmetic necessity for the fancy folk. It's now more noticeable when you meet a star up close who doesn't have it."
Author: O'Neil Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"POETRY, n. A form of expression peculiar to the Land beyond the Magazines."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"The saying may derive from a 12th-century Latin expression referring to the Apostles: 'As it were that one would crucify Paul in order to redeem Peter.' The words usually mean to take money for one thing and use it for another, especially in paying off debts,"
"Words were with them forms of expression which varied with individuals, but falsehood was more or less necessary to all"
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"The theory is that Mariah Carey can sing anything. You hear that expression, 'She can sing the phone book.' So if you can really sing, you should be able to sing anything, so we're testing them. That's the whole competition."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"I might be asked to make an emotional expression which is me being absolutely, absolutely still and making maybe one movement, and there it is."
"It is often the failure who is the pioneer in new lands, new undertakings, and new forms of expression."
"Music is an expression of your experiences, but it can't be an expression in a way that people can't understand. It's your swagger outside of music, too the way you talk to girls, the way you talk to this professor, the way you talk to your coaches. You have to know what to say depending on who your audience is. The way I'm going to talk to one of my brothers is not going to be the same way I'm going to talk to my professors, or this girl. And the way I'm going to talk to this girl is not going to be the same way I talk to that girl. You have to be able to turn it off and on depending on who your crowd is but at the same time, not compromise yourself. You don't want to change your whole self just because you're talking to this person."
"Freedom of expression without limits is like a car without brakes."
Author: Akkari Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"To suppress minority thinking and minority expression would tend to freeze society and prevent progress. Now more than ever, we must keep in the forefront of our minds the fact that whenever we take away the liberties of those we hate, we are opening"
"The Tunisian authorities continue to show intolerance of independent opinion and free expression. But they are seriously mistaken if they think this will discourage journalists from expressing their solidarity with colleagues in Tunisia."
Author: White Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"It [the computer] is the first metamedium, and as such it has degrees of freedom for representation and expression never before encountered and as yet barely investigated."
"Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind."
"This will be an expression of European solidarity,"
Author: Prodi Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"It is only by expressing all that is inside that purer and purer streams come."
Author: Ueland Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"If you're writing anything decent, it's in you, it's your spirit coming out. If it's not an expression of how a person genuinely feels, then it's not a good song done with any conviction."

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