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Expression Quotes

152 Expression quotes:

"There's an old expression, and I don't know who said it ? 'The mind is willing but the body isn't, ... I wish no one had to do this because it's so hard, it's hard because you never think you're going to grow older and be unable to live up to the expectations you set for yourself."
Author: Hull Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"She's always been the heart and soul of the team. She's quiet but shows a lot of leadership and outward expression on the court. She leads by example."
Author: Reath Quotes Category: Expression Quotes Heart And Soul Quotes
"When you listen to the street ... the expression that hits us everywhere is that 'all of you are corrupt,'"
Author: Burg Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"A happy marriage perhaps represents the ideal of human relationship / a setting in which each partner, while acknowledging the need of the other, feels free to be what he or she by nature is: a relationship in which instinct as well as intellect can find expression; in which giving and taking are equal; in which each accepts the other, and I confronts Thou."
"The most important thing you wear is the expression on your face"
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"The arts equally have distinct departments, and unless photography has its own possibilities of expression, separate from those of the other arts, it is merely a process, not an art."
"I think each dwelling that I paint is an expression of something that I wish I could have had. For example, I painted a painting with a big, broad porch on it called "Home Is Where the Heart Is." I always dreamed of having a big porch where you'd sit there."
Author: Kinkade Quotes Category: Expression Quotes Painters And Painting Quotes
"It has the look of the avant-garde, but the heart of a Hollywood production. It's the ultimate expression of business art. ... You leave the theater and they guide you right into the store."
Author: Lahr Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"We condemn punishment of any activity internationally recognized as free expression whether that punishment takes place in China or anywhere else in the world."
Author: Osako Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Well-timed silence is the most commanding expression."
"I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."
"Art is man's expression of his joy in labor."

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