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"They say to me, pained expression, why is our leader so close to such a right-wing ideologue American leader? ... They don't understand it. And it's very damaging."
Author: Corbyn Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"There's not another like it. This building is truly an expression of what the Columbus Police Division needed, and what its training is all about."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"It's a slang expression, a street expression, but we should have known better not to use it. I am supposed to read every word. Sometimes it's busy or I am lazy. We are working on a retraction."
Author: Ellis Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"We're putting out an expression of interest to the solid waste market place."
Author: Minor Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Railroading in a barn' was the expression they used, ... They'd get all the way here, and the view was shut out. The sheds were not very popular for tourism."
"Real harassment is a real problem, but the AAUW conflates harassment with any expression deemed sexually 'offensive' and thus endangers free expression while trivializing actual harassment."
"As they use the expression, Mike was dealt the nine of hearts. We couldn't expect to start the season with three signed players and really not have an opportunity to sign or select a team from a group of players we thought we would have available."
Author: Sinden Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Where painting is weakest, namely, in the expression of the highest moral and spiritual ideas, there music is sublimely strong."
"The eyes are the most difficult part. It's essential to have a pair of eyes that convey a vivid expression and spirit."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"What we crave, what we want to see in others eyes, is that servile expression, an unconcealed infatuation with our gestures."
Author: Cioran Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Law is merely the expression of the will of the strongest for the time being, and therefore laws have no fixity, but shift from generation to generation"
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"The Llama is a woolly sort of fleecy hairy goat, with an indolent expression and an undulating throat; like an unsuccessful literary man."
Author: Belloc Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"We have to take the whole universe as the expression of the one Self. Then only our love flows to all beings and creatures in the world equally."
Author: Ramdas Quotes Category: Expression Quotes Self-expression Quotes
"Man's cry is to reach his fullest expression."
Author: Tagore Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Obstacles are necessary companions to expression, and we know that the positive element in language is not in its obstructiveness. Exclusively viewed from the side of the obstacle, nature appears inimical to the idea of morality. But if that were abs"
Author: Tagore Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression."
Author: Singer Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"A fever is an expression of inner rage."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression"
"One of the wonderful things about Hancock was his facial expressions. Not just his hang-dog expression, where he looks as if the whole world is going to fall on his head. He could do disgust, surprise - the camera used to pan in on his face, and he would display a whole range of emotions."
Author: Mason Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"I?m backing her, as they say. I think that?s the expression."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Expression Quotes

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