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Dad Quotes

220 Dad quotes:

"My dad and grandpas are turning over in their graves."
Author: Wood Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"After Mom and Dad, I started with the oldest and worked my way down. The youngest ones, sorry, just aren't going to be able to come."
Author: Manuel Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"I'm a real shy guy. I don't really talk at all. My dad is the opposite, ... I see how he handles himself with fans, so I just kind of subconsciously took notes. Sometimes I see myself, and I'm like 'Whoa, this is how my dad acts.'"
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"My Dad the Rock Star."
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"Part of my role as a dad is to look at what kind of person he is. I have been remarkably pleased at how humble he is at this whole thing. I don't sense any kind of an ego or arrogance."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"When my dad divorced my mom it was kind of like him leaving me also. I just really didn't understand why he wasn't returning my phone calls, or why I couldn't see him whenever I wanted to. That was the most hurtful thing to me."
Author: Richie Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"But I think he might be too old for me at 27. I don't think my mum and dad would have that."
Author: Blunt Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"The whimsical side of my dad really comes through in this movie."
Author: Crowe Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"When my dad was playing in Winnipeg in '72-I was about 8 years old-he took me to my first outdoor rink in the winter. My feet were so cold, and then it gets even more excruciating once they start to thaw. It was the most excruciating pain I've ever had."
Author: Hull Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"I've got a lot of ownership in this place, where my dad (Joe) played,"
Author: McKay Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"We don't look at standings or stats. Those are good for mom and dad and grandpa and grandma. We have North Valleys on Thursday. Standings are nice, but we want to be on top. We want only one loss on our record going in against Reno, but we're not taking anybody for granted."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"It's great to see my dad honored. In every way, he's a really, really great teacher."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"I always knew I'd be a teacher because of dad,"
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"I was so proud of him. I think we are all proud of him but I know his dad was definitely proud of him and looking down on him, and if there was an angel in the outfield that night, I know his dad was there."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"I always thought I'd write about my dad, at some point, ... I didn't think it would be like this, but it arrived like this. I'd been listening to a lot of Garrison Keillor at the time. I love that simple story that ends on a grace note and you go, 'Wow, I'm just happy to be alive right now.' That was the feeling I was chasing."
Author: Crowe Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"My mom and dad just loved the fact that I fooled around. They just embraced it. They'd always kind of enjoy it, and they liked it when I made them laugh."
Author: Monaghan Quotes Category: Dad Quotes Irish Actor Quotes
"It's a dream come true from a dad's standpoint. Every dad wants this for their son."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"It's been a long year, and I just want to dedicate this win to my dad, ... You can't end a season any better than winning this."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"It was really hard for my dad psychologically. That's one of the reasons why he stayed an 11-year-old boy for so many years."
Author: Clokey Quotes Category: Dad Quotes
"It was an emotional night, an extraordinary moment, ... I wish Dad was there to touch and feel the stadium, but I think he might be with me now more than ever."
Author: Ripken Quotes Category: Dad Quotes

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