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"Did we want to show a different Tucker? We did talk about that. But he has been wearing one since he was 6 years old his dad wears one and I think Tucker wearing a regular tie would look silly."
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"`Oh my God, Dad, my friends are coming over, you're not allowed to speak to them,'"
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"TrŽ: I told my dad "Yeah Im going to be a drummer" and he said "well you can if you can rub your stomach at the same time as you pat your head at the same time youre standing on one leg and kicking the other one out in a circle and say the pledge of allegiance". And I did all that just like bam you know?"
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"My dad didn't want to ruin the dinner for me, ... My life was turned upside down. I didn't know what I was going to do with the rest of my life."
"It was pretty good drama, and maybe a little cheesy. But Dad never worried about being cheesy or being cool. He simply articulated what he thought was right, and then acted on those beliefs."
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"If my dad got chewed up like that ... I can assure you I would have been calling everybody."
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"How could he not? ... Look at his head: He's got all that hair sticking out. My dad realized he had certain intrinsic qualities, his hair, his eating habits. A lot of funny idiosyncrasies."
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"Wealthy playboys and flappers just weren't funny anymore, ... So (dad) got them married, and (Dagwood) was disowned by his millionaire daddy. When they got into the kitchen and started having kids, it took off like a rocket."
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"As a kid, I remember my dad working on the strip, ... There'd always be just roars of laughter coming from his studio. The strip was fun for him and I think that sense of fun was infectious."
"My dad's comedic sensibilities were uniquely his own and very different from mine, ... But he was very good. He said if I should ever inherited the strip, he wanted me to infuse my own sense of humor into the strip. He wanted me to make it my own."
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"You see, my dad grew up on Hollywood two-reelers and screwball comedies, ... His humor was very surreal and fanciful at times. I grew up on a steady diet of TV sitcoms, so my humor is more-to-earth."
"I know she always gets left out! ... She's the saint and the glue of our family. She has a beautiful voice and she wrote songs early on in their marriage. But she pretty much just raised us kids and let my dad go and be in the studio 24-7 and travel. She maintained the house and stayed home with us. She's a perfect woman. She's just perfect."
"My mom wanted to show my dad any idiot could do it."
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"Lew Grade told my dad, I'll make your TV show. I know it's going to be a big hit,' ... The show had definitely not run its course when my dad decided to end the show. My dad just liked doing a lot of stuff. He was so full of stuff he wanted to do."
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"With puppets, you follow the head and the arms will follow, but Frank didn't really do that with the Swedish Chef. He and my dad were best friends, but they were very competitive. They were always doing things to see who could be funnier and how could they upstage each other, ... Frank was often leading. He'd be picking stuff up and choking things. My dad would be talking mock-Swedish and he'd have to try to keep up. After a while, Frank would say, Maybe someone else should do the hands,' but my dad would never let him. He said, No, you're doing the hands.'"
"My dad (Harold) moved 20 miles in three hours yesterday. He still has 100 miles to go, ... I have friends out there. I don't know where they are."
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"My dad started racing when I was about four. My mom thought it was interesting, so she started to try it. It's just something that the whole family can relate to, which is nice."
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"My dad also was born on May 5."
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"You can talk about things indirectly, but if you want to talk how people really talk, you have to talk R-rated, ... I mean I've got three incredibly intelligent daughters, but when you get mad, you get mad and you talk like people talk. When a normal 17-year-old girl storms out of the house or 15-year-old boy is mad at his mom or dad, they're not talking the way people talk on TV. Unless it's cable."
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"Her dad and I felt that if Morgan lived on a soccer field at least we could have it at home."
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