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Fights And Fighting Quotes

584 Fights And Fighting quotes:

"Fighting Joe Hooker: A Reappraisal."
"Fighting, to me, seems barbaric. I don't really like it. I enjoy out-thinking another man and out-maneuvering him, but I still don't like to fight."
"Florida's never had fires like this before, never had a situation where you're fighting the weather like this before. We're having 90 to 100 new fires a day."
"For several days there has been quite intensive fighting,"
"For whatever reason, we are not fighting back when other teams give us a blow."
"Four years ago, we were naive; there was fierce fighting, ... Now all of us are survivors. We are more calm-minded."
"Georgia was fighting for their lives. They wanted to get to the NIT. I think a .500 record is enough (for that), but they may feel they need a few more wins."
"grandchildren fighting over your lap."
"Had a brother at Khe Sahn fighting off the Viet Cong, they're still there, he's all gone."
"Hats off to Dickinson. They came back screaming and fighting."
"have lost their main fighting force."
"He (Howard) is great, young and energetic and always fighting. On that last play where a lot of players just stay put after a shot, he continued to play and ended up getting the big play."
"He did get frustrated at times. But he kept fighting through it, kept playing hard. And in those games he made a lot of plays against the run, which is something that goes unnoticed."
"He felt that if he was able to build enormous support for fighting poverty, then that wouldn't seem something that was liberal and off on the left."
"He got up by one. Then I rolled him. I was fighting for the roll all match. [When I got it], I was like 'yeah, I finally got it!' I knew once I got the roll it was over."
"He was a good rider, and I couldn't really do anything. I got worn out just fighting off my back. He's definitely one of the best wrestlers I've ever gone up against."
"He was talking to me about bull-fighting, which was one of his passions,"
"He was too fresh. He was so rank the first part of the race and I was fighting him. It was just a case of him lacking experience, that's all."
"He'll be in and fighting for a place. He's got to join the squad running and force me to pick him."
"He's a great supporter of our players, the organization - really a good guy. He's a fighter. He's fighting for his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with him right now."

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