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"We are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. We have the potential to be a top 10 team."
Author: Looze Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"The big pain that we need to watch going forward are tropical force winds. With that, we hope that the levee system is going to hold."
Author: Nagin Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Players like Monty don't retreat, they are solid under pressure and don't try too hard to force things and wait for the birdies to come along,"
Author: Green Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"People are speculating that this is somehow going to force electric rates up. It won't. There are a lot of people that are nervous about this acquisition. I am here to calm your nerves down a bit."
Author: Kessel Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"You can force people to go out and welcome a foreign leader, but you can't force them to smile."
Author: Nixon Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"What force is more potent than love?"
Author: Stravinsky Quotes Category: Force Quotes Russian Composer Quotes
"We've got about 100 Iraqi force battalions that are equipped and trained,"
Author: Myers Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"We should force European governments to choose between Paris and Washington."
Author: Perle Quotes Category: Force Quotes American Publicservant Quotes
"Since we have this blame game now going in full force in Washington, do you, personally, think it was a good idea for the state of Louisiana to deliberately block Red Cross supplies from the Super Dome and the convention center last week in an attempt, in effect, to starve out the evacuees there?"
Author: Lowry Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"The ground force option is not a viable option."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"don't want to put that capital in there, we can't force them as human beings. We can't do that."
"I am disappointed that the Air Force did not choose Selma as the site for their Introductory Flight Training program. I believe Selma is an excellent location for IFT, as it meets all the education and training requirements set forth by the Air Force."
Author: Shelby Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"It's possible to be a major force, even if you don't concentrate on the U.S.."
Author: Shim Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"It is still quite large. We will have hurricane-force and tropical storm-force winds covering a large area."
Author: Beven Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"No woman can be handsome by the force of features alone, any more than she can be witty only by the help of speech"
Author: Steele Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"[FEMA directed all of the flights to Lackland Air Force Base outside of San Antonio, Evans said. He said that 11 U.S. airlines and Air Canada had offered to help but that constraints at the air fields severely limited the number of flights.] It's a very fluid situation out there, and we're hoping to ramp up quickly, ... But New Orleans is not running like a normal metropolitan airport right now."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"This is an unstoppable force globally."
Author: Zemlin Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Force without forecast is to little avail."
Author: Proverbs Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"The volunteer task forces were a major phenomenon in this campaign. Having found that the official task force had members who were also candidates who had to look for their own votes, these groups emerged in different regions and for different purposes specific to those areas."
Author: Opondo Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Brooke is a force inside. We didn't feel like single coverage would do the job. She didn't get that many easy looks but she kept her head up, got some offensive rebounds and scored on second chances."
Author: Olivier Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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