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450 French Actress quotes:

"To change, that is the most difficult thing to accomplish."
"To leave in search of yourself, of your real needs, is easier when you don't have to justify yourself to anyone, when there are not too many people bestowing you their attention."
"Today I trust my instinct, I trust myself. Finally."
"You must take the risk to disclose yourself in order to become more real, more human. And even if the price is high."
"You protect your being when you love yourself better. That's the secret."
"It's so much better to desire than to have... The moment of desire, when you know something is going to happen - that's the most exalting."
"If you run the ball, you control the clock. If you control the clock, you usually control the game."
"Do you have to have a reason for loving?"
"Fame had brought me so much unhappiness."
"Film-making was not at all what I had expected."
"Films have never shown the kind of relationship that can exist between two women."
"Have you ever heard of a good marriage growing in front of the cameras?"
"I absolutely loathe luxury. It is the one thing I cannot stand."
"I am 30, but there are things about me that are still 15."
"I am against marriage, and I don't give a fig for society."
"I am all right when I work. I am not superficial and I am not ungrateful."
"I am really not interested in the cinema. I loathed it when I started six years ago, and I don't enjoy it even now."
"I don't think when I make love."
"I have been very happy, very rich, very beautiful, much adulated, very famous and very unhappy."
"I have no private life at all. I am a hunted woman. I can't take a step without being questioned and surrounded."

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