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"He is a very dynamic president. He can see where the future is going and see what we will need to do to stay ahead. What is impressive is he notices these things before other people do. It is like he is watching out for them."
Author: Singh Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We will [appoint] some people to hold these discussions on Iraq so that they can help put Iraq's future government in a better position to deal with problems."
Author: Larijani Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Syria has the right to preserve its security, future and territorial integrity... any attempt to harm Syria will be a big mistake.. and any incorrect policy against her could in a way lead to a large fire in the Arab nation,"
Author: Moussa Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It's a proactive management program that will help protect the integrity of the wastewater treatment system and avoid future capacity issues. It places the cost of fixing the problem on those who are experiencing it, rather than the entire region, and helps keep the overall cost to a minimum."
Author: Willett Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Autonomous robots alone will be unable to realize those scientific goals in the foreseeable future,"
Author: Close Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Our goals are to expand the Hooters Pro Cup Series into another division in the near future. This race will be a perfect way to showcase our product to Midwestern fans on a grand stage and possibly lay the groundwork for a Midwest division."
Author: Cox Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It's one of the strongest, most comprehensive management plans. It will serve our goals well into the future."
Author: Frohling Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Hopefully in the future, it may open up to the outside, but right now we're keeping it in house."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We hope to expand our online news service on a global basis in the future."
Author: Son Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Manufacturing could be a key driver of economic growth in the future, as opposed to being a big drag as we've seen in the past, ... Even employment, which has been weak, should be coming around as demand continues to pick up steam."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We are afraid that our freedoms and liberties will be infringed in the future."
Author: To Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Generally speaking, it's the wave of the future."
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"This is someone who cares about what the future of his organization will look like and who will represent it. He can't go back on this plan."
Author: Tyndall Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"If that's the way you're going to be growing your audience in the future, by innovating in terms of what medium you're going to be using, I don't see that hiring a celebrity broadcaster is going to help you with that strategy."
Author: Tyndall Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"[But Epstein] doesn't walk on water, ... He's certainly not infallible, and the Red Sox still have a bright future without him."
Author: Zimbalist Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"The decree is protection against all future diversions from the Arkansas River. The Board of Water Works was extremely cooperative in obtaining it, and we look for their help in defending it. We rely on their expertise."
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"We have opened the window of opportunity for the DPRK to have a light-water reactor in the future,"
Author: Min Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We owe it to future generations to work with landowners to enhance rather than destroy our heritage,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Our work is before us. It cannot be passed to future legislatures and must not be passed to future generations. May we boldly seize the moment with singular unity. And may we build a Texas of unlimited possibility."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I've given zero thought to the future because I promised the president I would give him 100 percent until I walked out the door and I could give him nothing more."
Author: Card Quotes Category: Future Quotes

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