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Game Quotes

743 Game quotes:

"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians"
Author: Buffett Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Everybody knows that when Pat has a great game like that, the whole team has a great game."
"We knew (Richardson) would have a good game. But even 25 points in the second half wasn't enough tonight."
"Everything wins in this game, ... This is not like the 162-game season. It's a short series, and we need to win any way we can."
"Every game is important. We can't rely on anybody to win games for us. We have to play our own game and focus on what we need to do."
Author: Hedberg Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"I've been around for a while and the guys know when it gets later in the game that I'll step up and be as aggressive as I need to be. Tonight it was just making a basket and then getting in a rhythm shooting free throws, so I wanted the ball in my hands towards the end."
Author: Knight Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We got off to a good start which we talked about doing before the game. Then we let them back in it."
Author: Forrest Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"I think it is huge that this team played that way down the stretch. At the end of the game we have to be focused and be able to execute."
Author: Donovan Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We might get there at 9:30 in the morning for a 1 o'clock game and then leave somewhere between 7 and 8 that night. We like to be right in front of Farley Hall, if we get there early enough."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"It's the same with pitching. You talk to Greg Maddux and I'm sure he has a game plan, but he also sometimes can feel when a guy is looking inside or if a guy is looking for something else or it depends on which pitch he takes and how he takes it. Some guys get it early, some guys get it late, some guys never get it."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Anytime Michael Vick's not in the game, you're not going to be upset. But that kid's got a strong and accurate arm."
Author: Colvin Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"It was a game of inches and they got the inches. We came away with two losses, but we played really well. If we can compete like this then we'll be in good shape the rest of the season."
Author: Jonker Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"It's a miracle that we're just a half-game back as poorly as we played. We're not producing any runs."
Author: Ensberg Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"A less-than-two-hour turnaround is pretty remarkable. The staff was on their game. We have one of the best crews in the industry."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"This is probably one of those games where I thought less about my numbers and less about my game. It was emotional. Our seniors have meant so much to me. It was so hard, but so much fun to come out and play for them."
Author: Paris Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Obviously, it's a little different shooting off the rack. Game shots are totally different."
Author: Nowitzki Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"No. That's just one of those things about the game that's weird. One week you can not have it and the next week you come out and throw well."
Author: Harang Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Going into the game we were worried about three things. Keeping them out of 3-point range, getting offensive rebounds and not making foolish fouls. We did poorly in all those things the staff was concerned about, and that is what led to Black Hills getting back into the game."
Author: Bakamus Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"It was a good start for me. I was happy with my overall game."
Author: Henman Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"He understood that this was a game that he would be required to really make some plays if we were going to win."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Game Quotes

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