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"We've talked about that game in situations other than this week. We've stressed the need to play 60 minutes and taking advantage of opportunities when we get them. We need to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals in the fourth quarter. That's the type of things we've talked about and that we've used from last year's game and applied to other situations the past 12 months."
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"We won't even need a preseason game, I don't think, to tell who's going to be our kicker,"
Author: Tice Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We'll learn from this game and move onto the next one."
Author: McCallie Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"The most important statistic to me is that we've won every game I've played here."
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"It was a solid game throughout. We were up one at the half (24-23), then down one after three (40-41). Bozeman made a few plays down the stretch, and we had some good looks but just couldn't convert."
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"We played a great game. We were all hoping for a game like this."
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"That kind of lets the public know that yes, there are winners of the game, for anybody who may be skeptical."
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"Anytime Michael Vick's not in the game, you're not going to be upset, ... But that kid's got a strong and accurate arm."
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"Richard Jefferson is going to be more involved in Game 2. We know that Jason Kidd is going to be more involved from a scoring standpoint in terms of his aggressiveness. Carter, you can talk about his bad shooting, but he still had 31 points. He missed a lot of point-blank shots he normally makes. They're going to be more balanced in their attack."
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"that same game they played with my team."
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"Being a starting pitcher, you want to be a 20-game winner. Every year you come into spring training hoping to get to that part. I've always said if I win five games and the team wins 90 percent of my starts, that's all I can hope for, give my team the best chance to win."
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"It is a game of inches, but we just couldn't get one to go our way tonight. Still, I am proud of our group. They played hard tonight and showed that they are learning how to compete."
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"We shouldn't have lost this game. We came out weak and should have come out strong. We got a lesson tonight, but there's no reason you have to lose a game to learn a lesson."
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"Saturday's game is important for several reasons. It is the last regular-season game, and it not only has implications for us but it impacts other teams."
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"We have to play a much more intelligent game then what we played the last three games. We've been sloppy for three straight games now and you can't hope to win at this level making those types of mistakes."
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"Utah played a great game, and I think we had a lot to do with that."
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"At times, we've played a 38-minute game and lost by one or two. We have to go out and play a 40-minute game."
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"We always talk about being a spark and swinging the momentum of the game and that swung it."
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"It was a tough game all the way through but from the start we knew it was going to be tough,"
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"We're prepared for this game. Last year we were just happy to be playing. This year, we want to win. I know we do."
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