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"That's what was working. That's what makes this team special. Whatever's working in terms of a game plan, we're going to ride it and go with it."
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"We're playing a lot of young guys 30 to 50 plays a game. Kirk Morrison is one of those guys. Sometimes when you play that many young guys, you pay for it. It's cost us in some situations, but it's helping us. We're faster and more athletic. We are improving."
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"We had our worst game of the year. I don't know if it was rust from not playing since last Friday or just a bad day, but we were beaten badly in the first two innings."
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"You can't strikeout 13 times in a game and think that you did something good."
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"I told the guys this was our game to win and the only way they were not going to win was if they turned the ball over, did not box out and not convert free throws. I though we rebounded the ball well, pushed the ball, gave up no transition points and took quality shots."
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"This is the type of game that Lindsey would have thrived in. She really likes to get up and down the floor, and just her dribble penetration and being able to blow by somebody against the press would've been very helpful."
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"We've talked about that game in other situations other than this week. We've stressed the need to play 60 minutes and taking advantage of opportunities when we get them."
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"I was happy with the guys who started the game."
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"We prepared for this game just like we would any other game, ... We knew we had to have another good week."
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"We've got such a young team. Everyone's learning everything new. We have to take lessons from each game and learn from them and get better. We fought all night. I didn't see anyone let up."
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"In a game like this, anything can happen, so you have to be prepared for it."
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"He sees things instantly, and I think he's starting to see the game slow, like all great players do. And he's a finisher and a playmaker, just one fantastic football player right now."
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"I would say not real good, but it's one game."
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"This was as intense a game as we've had all season long. There is an intensity between these two teams as a result of the playoff series a few years ago."
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"I've got to get him a game sometime. We can't have total rust."
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"That was key. Jeff really played a solid game."
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"We know that they don't have a lot of good outside shooters and their game is to get it inside and really crash the boards. We knew we had to box out well and control the boards. We did the little things right that we needed to do to win the game."
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"I'm very happy with the way my team played tonight. It was a tough game and we played on our nerves. It's difficult to play the home team at this stage of the tournament ... We were playing against a coach, his players and their fans."
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"I was really happy with the way Michael ran at the end of the game because that is something we've been working hard on, getting the tough yards and the physical yards."
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"I went up to him after the game and told him I think he did a great job on me, his teammates did a great job of helping him when I got around him."
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