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"We are not thinking about two games right now. We are focusing on Cordova this week. We have to go there and that is a tough place to go. They are a vastly improved team from last season. But we won't back down from the challenge."
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"In the last three games the conditions were very wet and this has not allowed us to play our backline ploys that we have put in place so we are hoping for dry weather and a chance for our backs to prove their worth."
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"You lose a couple games and you think it's bad luck and it'll come back, but with such a long losing streak, it made us take a look at everything again and make sure we make the adjustments before the playoffs. I really meant it when I said this will make us a better team."
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"We carry stuff from around the world, but the leaders in the industry are the German games. In Germany, their view of board games in general is that it's something you do with the family. When you come home in the evening, instead of watching television, you pull out a board game and play it. There, you see entire families playing board games three or four times a week."
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"Going into the games, people know what we're going to do; the Packers do what they do and have been successful doing it. It's one of those things if you can zone into a couple things during the week and run that until you're comfortable with it, that's when you take a lot of the thinking out of it, the mental errors in terms of plays and penalties because you're focused."
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"I declare the Games of the 28th Olympiad closed and, in accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world to assemble four years from now at Beijing to celebrate with us there the Games of the 29th Olympiad."
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"We have some good games scheduled for the spring that will prepare us for the fall. I'm pleased with the results we had this weekend and the amount of knowledge we gained about ourselves. We still have things we can improve, and we will continue to work on those things in the upcoming games."
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"I feel the team as a whole realizes how important this is, getting these home games and try to put ourselves in a good position so we can get an NCAA Tournament bid."
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"As long as we play like we have the past seven games, we should be able to play with them. But we can't have the turnovers, we can't have the sloppiness. We can't be like that."
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"It was a little more quiet than usual. Everybody respected everybody's wish to get a little sleep. Card games went from 10 guys to three or four guys."
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"It's almost cheaper than golf. I look at how much it costs to go bowling a few games, even going to the movies nowadays - $9.50 to go to a movie for an hour and a half - and then you buy the popcorn and everything else. We are right up there in the ballpark with everything else."
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"Andre played the best [back-to-back] games of anyone in my six years coaching here. He especially played very well against one of the best defensive teams in the nation [Boston]."
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"We've really done remarkable. We couldn't have scored as many goals (around 70 for season) or won as many games without the way the defense has supported us. They've played strong every game."
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"It's definitely different having to go somewhere for the first time, not being at home for the first two games. But that's kind of exciting, too. No matter where you play, no matter who you're playing against, it's tournament time and that's always fun."
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"I never bet on any games,"
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"We've obviously got to play some games without him. So we're proceeding as if we're playing without him and getting ourselves prepared, with the understanding that if he comes back, he's only going to improve our situation."
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"While playing four games in a week isn't ideal, I was disappointed the Bishop Auckland game was off as it means we have more games to cram in at the end."
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"It was one of those hard-fought games; it was close all the way. We didn't have any luck getting the ball through -- we need to shoot the ball better."
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"No. We've got to take the games one at a time. We just know we have to beat them to get to Shaw."
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"Every higher seed has to do it. I'd rather play the two games at home."
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