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"I started the season and two games in I am hurt. To go through an injury like that for six weeks was hard since most of it was a mental challenge more than physical to not let that pull you down."
Author: Gagnon Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Our hitting percentages in games one and three are unbelievable. It was a great team win."
Author: Bechard Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"The figures demonstrate that worldwide interest in the Olympic Winter Games is high."
Author: Rogge Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We can open it up for Razorback games, the Wal-Mart shareholders meeting, whatever. If there's a bad storm coming through, we might just have a few ham radio operators in the building talking to our storm spotter network."
Author: Luther Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans."
Author: Lynd Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I felt it in the second half of both games. It is something I'm going to have to get used to and play through. I expect some level of pain and stiffness the rest of the season. I just have to get treatment and continue to do strengthening exercises for the joint."
Author: Shipp Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"If you look at the [passer] rating in all of his playoff games, it rivals anybody's."
Author: Henning Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"The Olympic Games are a truly worldwide event."
Author: Carrion Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"That's just stupidity. It's like the Indianapolis Colts (who won their first 13 games). We're six games in; teams are going to get better."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We definitely have to concentrate on winning games. It's a little different being on top (of the Big Ten)."
Author: Haluska Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We got two games in a row but we're still hungry. I was telling the guys that we were on a 13-game losing streak, so why can't we go on a 10-game winning streak. We've got a lot of guys that are really anxious to win, and we'll see how many we can put together."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"That says a lot about the history of the two schools and the games. People have told me that the two schools are very similar. They are two of the biggest state institutions in the country, both very good academic schools and are in the capital (cities). We each have a lot of fans and a lot of talk and publicity about football. (Football) is really important at both places."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It's going to be a breakthrough year for this team. We're not just playing the games just to play. We're playing for the playoffs."
Author: Mathis Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We haven't been playing well these last seven games and our offense was the thing hurting us the most. Guys were trying to do everything on their own and we need to get back to trusting our teammates and passing the ball. We weren't paying much attention to detail in these last seven games, but we were better tonight."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Special teams are big. That's how you're going to win games down the stretch."
Author: Spezza Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Any time you can go deep into a game, especially when you're playing so many games in a row, it helps those guys out in the bullpen, ... Being that it's September, there are a lot of people who need the extra day's rest."
Author: Clement Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Our track record hasn't been good. We've lost so many close games in this building this season. We're learning some things about ourselves."
Author: Allen Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"Oh man, talk about speechless. We've been in a lot of close games, and now we're finding a way to win."
Author: Barrett Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"You know what? There shouldn't be any two-a-days, ... There should probably be two preseason games, and then we should just go play football. Guys are in shape pretty much."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I missed every one of (daughter Jordan's) school games this year and I don't want that to happen again."
Author: Sandquist Quotes Category: Games Quotes

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