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"In heaven after ''ages of ages'' of growing glory, we shall have to say, as each new wave of the shoreless, sunlit sea bears us onward, ''It doth not yet appear what we shall be.''"
"I have lived long enough to satisfy both nature and glory."
"Glory to Man in the highest! for Man is the master of things."
"Women must pay for everything. They do get more glory than men for comparable feats, But, they also get more notoriety when they crash."
Author: Earhart Quotes Category: Glory Quotes American Aviator Quotes
"[Saying] every man or woman is a glory symbol of jihad holding the flag of God, ... hit them back and front so they stumble and lose control so they fall to your fire."
Author: Hussein Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"You have come from God, you are a spark of His Glory; you are a wave of that Ocean of Bliss; you will get peace only when you again merge in Him."
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"Though God hath raised me high, yet this I count the glory of my crown: that I have reigned with your loves. And though you have had, and may have, many mightier and wiser princes sitting in this seat; yet you never had, nor shall have any that will love you better."
Author: I Quotes Category: Glory Quotes Royalty Quotes
"All strict rituals are just clever contrivances. My God knows everything. He has made His Glory manifest, and all people celebrate Him."
Author: Sahib Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"Pray to God and recite His Name or meditate on His Glory for some fixed period of time everyday; you will find it amply rewarding."
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"This is the time to speak and sing the Praise and the Glory of God, which brings the merit of millions of cleansing and purifying baths. The tongue which chants these Praises is worthy; there is no charity equal to this."
Author: Sahib Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"You are a part of His glory;"
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"Let the different faiths exist; let them flourish and the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes."
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"There's no glory like those who save their country."
Author: Tennyson Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"She whom I love is hard to catch and conquer, / Hard, but O the glory of the winning were she won!"
Author: Meredith Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"We are going to look back at 2000 as the glory days that crashed."
Author: Nichols Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"The only responsible thing is to let the new guy get all the triumph and glory."
Author: McNealy Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"The final event to himself has been, that as he rose like a rocket, he fell like the stick."
Author: Paine Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"She was a consistent player for us. She doesn't always receive the glory from the media, but she always came through with goals."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
Author: Williamson Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"I'll always be chasing you, ... Glory."
Author: Poitier Quotes Category: Glory Quotes

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