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"It's really up to those guys. They have to decide when they feel comfortable. I thought after he went to three Pro Bowls, that would really make them comfortable. But I think at some point or another, they'll start to see the passion."
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"Because John is being John, people don't see his intensity. He wants to be a leader on this team. Not only is he a great player, but he cares and has a passion for what he does."
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"Yes, we've got a few Scotland internationals who play regularly but their last game was still in front of just 1,500 people, ... So, OK, you're playing international football against decent players but European football is about the night, the occasion, the passion, the noise, the expectation, the knotted stomach before the game, so that's the experience you need, not necessarily just playing in front of 1,500 in an under-21 game."
"It was huge, and that was the most important outcome of the night. This is the hardest we've played since Longmont. We're the kind of team that we have to be energetic and have to play with passion against the people we're playing in order to be successful. If we do that, we're pretty good. If we don't, then we're pretty average, and that was evident our last two times out."
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"You can do films for the fun of it, or the thrill of it, but certain films you can't do unless there's something driving you, something you have a passion for that will pull you through,"
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"This team plays with so much heart and passion. We've played talented teams before, and this team has its share of talent. I love the way this team plays. You're supposed to play the game like that."
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"Men live by intervals of reason under the sovereignty of humor and passion"
"We are never like angels till our passion dies"
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"She's aggressive and she's a good athlete that plays with a lot of emotion and a lot of passion down on the blocks. She has really been a big difference-maker for Butler. They really haven't had an inside presence in a while. To come in here and score 28 on us is pretty incredible."
"It is to create the best Games the world has ever seen by unlocking the UK's unrivalled passion for sport, by delivering the best Games for athletes to compete in, by showcasing London's unmatched cultural wealth and diversity and by creating a real and lasting legacy."
"Men of reason have endured;men of passion have lived."
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"I believe I have the drive, the passion and the experience to make a positive difference."
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"Now my passion is different. Now my passion is guiding this fantastic thing known as the First Tee."
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"Weve poisoned the air, the water, and the land.In our passion to control nature,things have gone out of control.Progress from now on has to mean something different.Were running out of resources andwe are running out of time"
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"About the process of growing up .. What follows is tragic. We stop risking for fear of making mistakes, fear of not fitting in, fear of being embarrassed or humiliated by saying the 'wrong' thing. Our instinctive joy and boundless enthusiasm are replaced by playing it safe and looking good. Our spontaneity deserts us, and with it much of our natural creativity. Predictability replaces passion. We learn to reveal very little of who we really are and what we really feel. We sell the richness of our passionate birthright for the security of this burdensome thing called our image. It weighs us down like a suit of medieval armor, restricting our every move, sapping our vitality and aliveness. We wander through life on automatic pilot, controlled by the need to live up to the false image that we invented."
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"What the Pinot Noir drinkers lack in volume they make up for in passion for the grape, ... It's a cultural trend in the U.S. that's being spurred not only by baby boomers who already have adopted wine but also by the millennial generation that is just now exploring wine. You'll see the effects playing out for a long time."
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"Tennis for me is the same whether I'm playing in a tournament or instructing, ... I just have a passion for the sport and love the game. That's what I tell all the kids I work with about life. Just find something you love to do and be passionate about it and it won't seem like work.'"
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"We didn't do a very good job in the first half. We were very lax on defense and didn't play with a whole lot of intensity. I thought we came back and did an excellent job in the second half. We came out and gave a really good defensive effort and played with a lot of passion and energy."
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"As much bad stuff (as) they say about T.C., I'll give him that much. You take away the little nitpicky things, but he wanted to win. Guys were ticked off at him, but somehow you developed that sense of passion, too. You were scared not to come in here rested, because he was going to drill you and put your butt in the dirt."
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"As much bad stuff as they say about (Coughlin), I'll give him that much. You take away the little nitpicky things, but he wanted to win. You can't get upset about him being passionate for wanting to win. Guys were ticked off at him, but somehow you developed that sense of passion, too. We didn't feel (his tactics) were necessary, but you were scared to go out. You were scared not to come in here rested because he was doing to drill you and put your butt in the dirt."
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