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"Perceptive souls who have abandoned passion will not feed on flesh abandoned by life."
Author: Tirukural Quotes Category: Passion Quotes Flesh Quotes
"His passion has aroused the best and the beast in man. And the beast waited for him in the kitchen."
"I think he can still play, and I think he still has the passion to play."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"He still runs around, still plays with passion. I don't see anything diminished there."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"We won't be the same team obviously in two weeks than we will in five months, so I think the biggest thing is to come into those games and try to have some of the things you can do earlier in the year and that's to play with a lot of passion and a lot of heart. Those are kind of the overused terms in sports, but I think that there's a certain will that we're going to have to have to win games early on in the year."
"Passion and prejudice govern the world; only under the name of reason"
Author: Wesley Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"The big ones have to try and do their job and do what they're supposed to do get as many rebounds as possible. (Stony Brook) played with a lot of heart and a lot of passion."
Author: Armstrong Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"Michael Johnson and Fillmore Development Associates have shown tremendous persistence and passion for this neighborhood and the opportunity to bring back an important part of San Francisco's cultural heritage,"
Author: Newsom Quotes Category: Passion Quotes Neighborhood Quotes
"The secular bull market in commodities remains intact. We are proud that our passion, models and process have guided us to be a leader in performance again."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Passion Quotes Models Quotes
"I just adore him, ... He follows his heart. He must be pretty smart in business. He loves his life and that's a wonderful thing to see. So many people are the beneficiaries of his passion, his love for this music. I don't think there's another festival like this in the world."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"This is a very hard business even if everything is cranking on all cylinders. You can talk to anyone working in minor-league sports. You've got to have a real passion for it."
Author: Papista Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"In the first half, we didn't play any defense. In the second half, we just came out, got some more pressure and played with energy and passion. We took pride in our defense."
"The thing that he didn't show in Detroit was the passion for the game to want to go out there and want to dominate the game."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"At the end of the day you have to be driven by principle and you've got to be driven by passion and your belief in what this country can be."
"Vices are often habits rather than passions"
Author: Rivarol Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark."
Author: Amiel Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"The passions are like fire, useful in a thousand ways and dangerous only in one, through their excess."
Author: Bovee Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"Jupiter, not wanting man's life to be wholly gloomy and grim, has bestowed far more passion than reason --you could reckon the ration as twenty-four to one. Moreover, he confined reason to a cramped corner of the head and left all the rest of the body to the passions."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."
Author: Hegel Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them."
Author: Jung Quotes Category: Passion Quotes

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