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Ideas Quotes

482 Ideas quotes:

"Style and Structure are the essence of a book; great ideas are hogwash."
"We had a hit list of people we approached, ... We told them some of the ideas we had. Because we spent such a long time writing the scripts for each episode, it would be mad to spend three months on a script for Sam Jackson, send it to him, and he goes, 'Why would I do that?' So we got a preliminary yes out of them, and then went way, wrote the ideas, spoke to them on the phone, sent them the script, and they all said yes."
Author: Gervais Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"A child who is protected from all controversial ideas is as vulnerable as a child who is protected from every germ. The infection, when it comes- and it will come- may overwhelm the system, be it the immune system or the belief system."
"There was a committee in charge of coming up with ideas to celebrate the anniversary and somebody came up with the bright idea of a light display on top of the AQ,"
Author: Briggs Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"This is not my kind of celebration for sure but it's a new generation now with new ideas. Maybe I'm too old fashioned."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We're constantly exploring new ideas on how to deliver content to users."
Author: Chane Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"The tournament directors have a lot of ideas, and the players have a lot of ideas, ... Unfortunately not every tournament director is willing to listen...and we probably don't have the right people in position (at the ATP). We need some fresh people in there, some new business people in there."
Author: Bjorkman Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"My job is to make movies that are about ideas as human as possible."
Author: Linney Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Whenever ideas fail, men invent words."
"I'd toyed with a couple of ideas beforehand, but I hadn't written a single cue, and it was a wonderful feeling to just write away."
Author: Trier Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."
"We go in there and we work on altering those ideas and in many cases go in different directions."
"The idea that you earn things - that you earn respect, that you earn income, responsibility. the vote, punishment... these ideas are anathema to the liberal mind."
"We began with an afternoon of brainstorming ideas about what we wanted the conference to address. We let these ideas sit for a couple weeks and continued e-mailing comments over the e-mail list-serve before meeting again and narrowing down our brainstormed themes, cutting and pasting different ideas in different ways until we finally came to a theme we liked. There was a lot of debating and melding of ideas."
Author: Owens Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Our greatest lack is not money for any undertaking, but rather ideas, If the ideas are good, cash will somehow flow to where it is needed."
Author: Schuller Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Over the years, there certainly have been plenty of ideas that I've had and given up on, but for this one, the only thing that was standing in its way was me doing it -- I just had to write it, ... And then if it didn't happen, it didn't happen. But I didn't want it to be for lack of effort on my part, so I had hunch that it would be a good story and that we would work well together. And it certainly worked out that way."
Author: Reiser Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"There was a committee in charge of coming up with ideas to celebrate the anniversary and somebody came up with the bright idea of a light display on top of the AQ."
Author: Briggs Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Sometimes an actress is so good, you get ideas,"
Author: Tolan Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Sometimes an actress is so good you get ideas, ... She's really someone who inspired Denis and me early on. We're always thinking, what if. I said to her, `I don't know where we're going to go with you, but you're our Lady Macbeth.'"
Author: Tolan Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"If Washington, D.C., is not going to think big, if they're not going bring us any grand new ideas on energy independence and security, then it falls on the shoulders of the states and the private industry, and that is what we are doing here in these coming days,"
Author: Schweitzer Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes

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