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"The guys made a huge improvement. Last year, I told them they were like eighth-graders wrestling at the varsity level. I'm proud of them for getting where they are."
"I wouldn't say that we were on top of our game, which gives us room for improvement and things to work on at practice on Monday. The stakes get tougher. You just put that behind and go after the next one."
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"I thought we played better, especially with the bottom half of the lineup today. We showed a lot of improvement and I feel like we're getting better as we go along."
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"We understand that everything has room for improvement, this included."
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"Erin's improvement is probably mentally. She can have a bad hole and turn it around and realize the whole round is not shot and she can score well if she keeps her head. This year will probably be the toughest for Brittany. As a freshman no one expected anything of her. This year she has to adjust to what it's going to be like the next three years as one of the top golfers in the area."
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"We certainly have seen some improvements in governance, but we've also seen some areas of no improvement, and some areas where things have gone backwards."
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"It's a huge improvement over everything being on paper, and the nurses have become very comfortable with it."
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"The biggest improvement I think is that we work hard as a team. You need five people on the ice. From a defensive point, they did a really good job in front of me. They scored only two power play goals. So defensively, I have seen a big improvement."
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"I think it's just the case that we've been getting better each week. We've seen the improvement. We've been pleased with our improvement. It just kinda came together for us tonight."
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"We still haven't played our best game. There's still room for improvement, but I liked what I saw."
"Whatever we do will be a massive improvement to what we have now."
"Human improvement is from within outward."
"The improvement of relations with German is positive, but this does not mean that we no longer have very important problems."
"There certainly was room for improvement there. I'm not saying that was any masterpiece."
"This is a significant improvement over the originally proposed apartments."
"The improvement is we're going to have a much safer bridge. This bridge is made out of steel and concrete, where the other one was made out of wood. It's going to be a bridge that we're not going to have to worry about again for a long time."
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"His first five days at spring practice were probably the best I've ever seen from anyone. The improvement he's made from his first practice a year ago is remarkable. I think he could be even better this season."
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"I can't think of any organization where there isn't room for improvement."
"It's safe to say most of today's players grew up and are comfortable with more contemporary game-improvement shapes in irons. Our goal with the new Silver Scot forgings was to get as close in performance to game-improvement clubs as we could while delivering the feel, feedback and workability that players like in more traditional clubs."
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"I'm a young guy, I'm looking for improvement every week. I'm not arrogant enough to say that I don't have anything to work on I've got a ton of stuff to work on. Every game that I am on the field is an advantage for me. I have a ton of stuff to work on."
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