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"ISA is on the cutting edge of people improvement, ... Companies realize that their investment in their people needs to be on par with, if not ahead of, their investment in technology and systems. We're on a mission to ensure those needs are met."
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"We haven't seen that much improvement in employment of hourly workers because the job market for lower-skill workers still has a lot of slack in it. But if you look at skilled workers, it's a much different picture. We're starting to see some real shortages in some sectors."
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"We will see a further improvement in the small- and mid-sized companies."
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"We believe an improvement to the moratorium would be a process that is a bit more thoughtful and predictable than just throwing it up for grabs in the legislative process."
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"No regrets. We thought we were making improvement; some new people came in and thought we weren't making quite enough improvement. It happens; that's the life, man."
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"Earnings are continuing to show improvement over last week, and the market appears to be more focused on that than this morning's GDP numbers."
"After many years of decline, I am pleased to tell you we are starting to see volume improvement in lending and deposits. Our businesses are continuing to perform as expected."
"Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent"
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"Both teams showed good improvement over our last meet. We're looking forward to starting our outdoor season."
"The improvement in the unemployment rate has been very steady, which looks very believable. It points to a probable undercount in (payroll) employment."
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"I'm seeing improvement in our times. We're working at getting better. We would like to defend our sectional championship and see if we can contend for a regional spot. Everybody is working very hard enough that we'll see improvement during the year."
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"The year-over-year improvement in operating profit despite record fuel prices demonstrates United's significantly improved competitiveness. United is well on the way to completing the Chapter 11 reorganization process and emerging as a strong competitor."
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"The claims numbers always do strange things at the end of the year. There was some improvement at the turn of the year, but the story is that claims are gravitating back to the 400,000, where they were for quite while."
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"I think we've made a lot of improvement. I think from the standpoint of just trusting each other, we're doing a better job of that."
"You just have to be so pleased for him, the improvement he's made. People got upset early, he was inconsistent, but he was a rookie in a way (as) a freshman. He had to get a feel of what it was about and get some confidence back. I thought late in the season, he was as consistent as anyone on our team."
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"Every game, I've seen improvement. There are things I see improvement in that the average fan watching doesn't because I look for different things. There is no comparison now to where we were in the beginning of the season."
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"Earnings are continuing to show improvement over last week and the market appears to be more focused on that than this morning's GDP numbers."
"To me, he showed a lot of improvement from last year,"
"He was kind of out of it (unfit) when he joined us but Ian's improvement has helped to make us legitimate."
"We knew they were working back then and doing the improvement so I'm sure the city has it in well-capable hands."
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