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"To me, he showed a lot of improvement from last year,"
"He was kind of out of it (unfit) when he joined us but Ian's improvement has helped to make us legitimate."
"We knew they were working back then and doing the improvement so I'm sure the city has it in well-capable hands."
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"We haven't seen that much improvement in employment of hourly workers because the job market for lower-skill workers still has a lot of slack in it, ... But if you look at skilled workers, it's a much different picture. We're starting to see some real shortages in some sectors."
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"Their operations showed an improvement on last year. They're still facing the same challenges as other airlines, namely high fuel prices and improving but still competitive pricing in the domestic market."
"Overall anchored speculative vacancy rates reached a low 2.9 percent in the first quarter, a 1.9 percent improvement from over last year. The valley's strong economic and population growth is creating a supply constrained market."
"From the start of the season until now, there's definitely been an improvement. The guys are starting to learn the game, understand the game and what's going on."
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"I thought we showed more improvement today even though our score doesn't really reflect it. We need to come back home and work on our short game because that was an area that prevented us from shooting lower scores."
"I am expecting more improvement. She doesn't have to be back to normal in order for us to release her. We send people home for home physical therapy all the time. But because she needs such intense therapy, we thought we would just keep her here and do it here."
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"Meet-in and meet-out, we're just looking for improvement over the course of the year. We want them to walk away from each meet having learned something. We hope to get better as we go along and see improvement in all areas of the game."
"How much better is the Corvette today than 30 years ago? What is that improvement worth? It's not worth zero."
"From a coach's perspective, the glass is always half full. We're pleased with the improvement, but we need to correct the mistakes we're still making."
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"We had a lot of improvement from last week. We had a lot of guys running around and we had a good amount of turnovers."
"The game was very evenly played and we had some opportunities that we missed. I am pleased with the improvement I have seen so far."
"They showed some improvement on operating margins in handsets, which is what everybody was looking at."
"We were hoping for a top-10 finish. We were 26th a year ago, so this is a big improvement."
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"There will be an improvement to existing conditions."
"If you make a postmortem, you will definitely find visible improvement. What made us most happy that we removed the tag that we had been too bad against Sri Lanka in the past. The one-day victory erased bitter memories and I think our Test performance was not bad at all if you consider our previous series."
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"The consumer still seems to us to be very cautious and probably will remain so until we see improvement in employment,"
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"I don't feel like we have enough depth. Lance has certainly made a lot of improvement. He is a veteran player that's starting to feel more comfortable in the system. He did make a couple of good plays in this game."
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