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406 Improvement quotes:

"It was a 200 percent improvement over the first game. We just had a couple of mental mistakes."
"June improvement may yet materialize, but it's not turned up yet and defending a sequential revenue increase is getting tougher."
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"He's gotten his teammates involved this year. That's probably his biggest improvement ? trusting his teammates."
"I still expect a strong rise in unemployment in January and I think we won't see any real improvement until the end of next year or even the start of 2003."
"The improvement in the unemployment rate has been very steady, which looks very believable, ... It points to a probable undercount in (payroll) employment."
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"That is what we are looking for from everyone. Constant improvement."
"We're starting to see some improvement. The kids are getting settled in on the line-up and we're coming together. Anytime you win a region game that's big."
"It was a definite improvement over last year. The changeup has been difficult to throw for me in Arizona, but it wasn't bad (Saturday), and I've always had that slide step, but after coming off surgery it's hard to speed up mechanically."
"I don't know of a player who has had bigger (improvement) from rookie to second to third year. He's much more than I ever expected."
"It would be important and also an improvement for us if we could increase the starting salaries for our teachers, and I think that would also bring in a larger pool of people we could choose from,"
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"I'm pretty satisfied with our team's performance, but I feel there's so much room for improvement. We're not really bummed out about it. We're just going to clean up our skills and add on higher-level skills."
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"I have something to prove, as long as I know there's something that needs improvement, and you know that everytime I move, I make a woman's movement."
"China welcomes the United States to play a positive role in promoting the improvement of India-Pakistan relations."
"[Still, no one's ever done anything like this before, so we don't know yet if it's an improvement on existing indexes. With a statistical pool of nearly 15,000,] it's hard to qualify the respondents, ... It's hard to tell if the people answering the survey are actually who they say they are, with the buying power they claim to have."
"Everyone's on the same page, and we expect to see improvement."
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"There's been improvement in a lot of areas. It's not 100 percent, and not every hotel is doing well, but we can take some comfort in that improvement."
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"No matter how small the improvement, all (the coaches) are looking for is for everyone to do their best."
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"The latest data - including the improvement in manufacturing activity and current strength of the housing market - has increased the odds that the eventual next move in interest rates will be up."
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"[However, the coach expects to see an improvement from Cassano's team-mate Francesco Totti.] He is going through a good time, ... Finally, he is maturing alongside the team. But I don't want anyone to talk about leaders in this team, Totti is an important player."
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"We played well tonight and have showed improvement. They beat us up there by 26 points."

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