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"This is a big problem. These households are such low income they don't owe taxes, and they know they don't owe, [so] they are not going to bother with the hassle."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Most divisions showed higher earnings. However, net income was affected by severance charges at Com (telecommunications) and SBS (IT services) divisions."
Author: Kleinfeld Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"You have to remember that low-income consumers really took a hit in 2005. A lot of them maxed out their credit cards at the beginning of the season and then got their winter energy bills. That probably left them with an absence of cash and discretionary spending later on."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Low-income students can come out of here feeling diminished."
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"They're really crossing their fingers because disposable income is so low."
Author: Detorre Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"They're really crossing their fingers, because the disposable income is so low. It's going to take a lot to trigger that emotional buying habit."
Author: Detorre Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"the tax program was designed to provide greater proportional relief for those who earn less income than for those who earn more."
Author: Glassman Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"On net, we'll see some damage and a hit to corporate profits and proprietors' income, but that effect is temporary. But in the next quarter, we will get some mild stimulus from the rebuilding. Certainly, it will have no major, permanent effect on the economy."
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"The Quebec program heavily subsidizes the cost of child-care for middle and high-income families. Most [provincial] governments in Canada already subsidize child-care for poorer women but they lose the subsidy once their income rises above the poverty level."
Author: Mulligan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Canada's progressive tax system imposes an ever increasing burden on people as they earn more income. Clearly our tax system is sending the wrong message when it penalizes people for being successful."
Author: Veldhuis Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Two-thirds of our clients are dual-income families . . . it's a matter of time, stress, disposable income."
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"The reconstruction contract will result in significant export income (for Australia) and a number of employment opportunities in Iraq and Australia,"
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"When [consumers] shift their income stream from purchases to saving, it slows GDP, and that's a long-term process. I think interest rates are going to remain very low for a couple of years."
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"We've lost a few million, what with having to spend money and not having any income yet. But it could have been a whole lot worse. All in all, we've been able to rally very quickly."
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"We designed Nationwide L-Inc with maximization of allowable income in mind."
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"This year we have hit record highs for consolidated net sales, consolidated operating income and consolidated net income. These favorable results are due to a continued increase in domestic and overseas car production for Japanese auto manufacturers."
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"The leadership is talking a great deal about reducing the income gap and balancing development, but they will not do anything to risk the fast pace of economic growth. Fast growth is still the key to solving every other problem."
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"This year's general-fund revenue, paid for by property-tax revenues, fines, fees and City Public Service income is $728 million. Last year was $620 million, which is (about) a 17 percent increase over last year. Phil's not doing anything different than what the rest of them (former mayors) do. That money comes from taxpayers' pockets."
Author: Hardberger Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Analysts have been raising estimates over the last three or four weeks as they've realized that fixed income was stronger than expected in the quarter."
Author: Harte Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"They're isolated from normal sources of support, struggling, seeing a good portion of their income go to rent. Their private lives get put on the back burner."
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