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"We're one of several cable companies looking into new methods of providing marketers with accurate information on audience measurement."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We are delivering the information to each local school district and their local school boards, who are representatives of the general public."
Author: Ackley Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"If the released information is incorrect, the school district might not have immunity, and taxpayers could be subject to a lawsuit."
Author: Cullen Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We are willing to vote 10 minutes after we get back in session if in fact they provide the information -- information that Mr. Bolton's staff had access to that they will not give to the majority leader of the United States Senate,"
Author: Biden Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"There is no more information other than he's pulled out of Chennai."
"It's going to be horrible. You develop a capability into the other side that puts information into your hands -- and somebody comes along and blows that up."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"If that all goes well, they'll have the information that they need as to whether they want to go ahead in 2007."
"We're required to get information out to the public."
"Our information indicates Tim was somewhere other than Cassville, Missouri. That's what our research shows."
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"The information they turned over helped us to track down aspects of the [black-market] network and contributed to the shutdown of parts of that network in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates,"
"Where we are right now is having a considerable amount of evidence that the FBI is still withholding information. What has been turned over and what has not been turned over, together, create a tapestry of what we believe is a fraud on the court perpetrated by the government."
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"They are old documents. My impression was it was not privileged information or marked confidential. If all they need is an apology, boy, I'm sorry."
"We don't have good numbers on this, but the information we do have is a lot of the activity is from buyers who buy one to two or more properties over the course of a year or two. The majority of these folks are actively in the market to buy investment properties as opposed to people buying a one-off home to rent. They are serious residential investors."
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"Part of our problem is that there are different types of information we're getting from different parts of the state. In those communities where there is none of that information, we may go out and visit all of the establishments in a small area to find out which places have a problem."
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"That kind of local information is unique. So putting it online and making it available to the public -- it's invaluable."
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"Police spoke to people inside and outside of the bar regarding the incident, and they refused to give any information, ... And also when county detectives spoke to them, they refused to give any information."
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"We are rigorous defenders of our users' privacy. We did not provide any personal information in response to the Department of Justice's subpoena. In our opinion, this is not a privacy issue. We complied on a limited basis and did not provide any personally identifiable information."
Author: Osako Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"In terms of how information is collected and used on the Internet, ... to allow detailed secret profiles to be created is disastrous."
"I went to the Utah state database looking for information on my neighbourhood, and I couldn't find what I was looking for in any kind of easy-to-use way. Now I plug in my address here, and in 20 seconds I see pinpoints on a map of my neighbourhood."
Author: Olsen Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"I not going to sign off on something that does not increase security for this state IT information,"
Author: Warner Quotes Category: Information Quotes

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