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"We enthusiastically support Nintendo's next console because we believe their approach of continual innovation is very much in line with our own strategy of creating unique and innovative games for the next generation of hardware."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Mankind adapts rapidly to innovation, often in spite of itself. We are amazingly adaptable, which is why we survived - our progeny will not only adapt, they will excel."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"I'm impressed with the innovation of the students. They seem to always impress me with their understanding of scientific principles. There is a general love of science and discovery here."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Our priority will always be customer-focused innovation that provides real value for our students and ultimately increases value for our shareholders. By understanding our diverse group of students and their needs, we can successfully target our strategies and ensure that we maximize our investment in innovation and service."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"We want them to document the kind of innovation activities that can grow up around them."
Author: Warner Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"What's at risk is the bureaucratization of the Internet and innovation."
"The NEVER FLAT has staying power and it's great to see Spalding's constant cycle of innovation continue. Innovation has been integral in maintaining Spalding's 100-plus years of brand strength. NEVER FLAT looks like another dramatic step in breakthrough technology with product benefits that truly matter to the consumer."
Author: May Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"This expansion is an important next step for us to further enhance our global product innovation, and to support our business growth in China and around the world."
Author: Dell Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Convergence is here and now, and our enterprise and carrier customers are demanding partners who can deliver enterprise innovation on carrier-grade platforms, ... With our carrier and enterprise capabilities, Nortel is uniquely positioned to deliver on this. We're playing to win, and that means having the determination and flexibility to transform our teams, simplify our portfolio, and focus our resources close to our customers, as well as harness both the power and opportunities of network convergence."
Author: Owens Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"In the short term, most of the Indian technology companies may look at innovation as a strategy to achieve higher growth."
Author: Karnik Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Whether it's the cotton gin or the Internet, we've added value by innovating. Innovation and free trade have served us very well."
Author: White Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"How can we overcome the resistance to innovation that plagues most organizations?"
Author: Drucker Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"The sport is ready for this innovation, and we're confident Hawk-Eye is ready too."
Author: McNamee Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Innovation is absolutely essential to this industry,"
Author: Sicher Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"The Air Max 360 is an innovation milestone for Nike and for runners. A dream more than 20 years in the making, Air Max 360 reflects Nike's product innovation commitment to create a full air cushioning system for runners. We've replaced foam with 360 degrees of Nike Air, creating the most cushioned Air Max running shoe ever and allowing runners to experience the feeling of running on air."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"I think there are questions about whether there will continue to be a real basis for innovation and open platforms. If they don't permit true innovation and true openness, it will not provide maximum benefit to the people."
Author: Kapor Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"A tech mandate requiring backdoors in the Internet endangers the privacy of innocent people, stifles innovation, and risks the Internet as a forum for free and open expression,"
Author: Opsahl Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"There's a new plastic innovation that was just invented in Denmark that makes plastic thinner and stronger. So, all of a sudden that's of importance."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"It's urgent and necessary that we begin moving aggressively — and immediately — to restore New York as a leader in innovation, entrepreneurship and economic progress. Innovation will be the engine. Innovation will be what creates high-paying, high-skill jobs for New York and provides all of New York with rising standards of living."
Author: Sanford Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"We support leading scientists who make concrete and crucial contributions to the innovation of science and technology."

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