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"I agree with taking the time and respecting the great innovators of the past, but the word innovation would cease to exist if we all do is look at the past."
Author: Hancock Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"I've gone through quite a few wastebaskets, ... We celebrate innovation here."
Author: Stayer Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"With this innovation, I can tell any patient who has a live donor and is medically eligible that they can be transplanted with a high likelihood of success."
"Innovation is the whim of an elite before it becomes a need of the public."
Author: Mises Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"But in the long term, innovation will be a strategy to survive in a highly competitive world. If the companies don't innovate to open up new business opportunities, they will sink."
Author: Karnik Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"The Bells want to capture rent on innovation."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"We have a really urgent problem with our deficit, especially compared with the United States, in science, research and innovation."
Author: Barroso Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"We are determined to ensure that the final outcome of this case is to the benefit of innovation and consumers alike,"
Author: Monti Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"I don't think I've ever seen the sense of innovation and willingness to take risks that I'm seeing now."
Author: Kimball Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"We can only stay a technology leader if we continue to invest in innovation, which we will."
"These bids have not been driven by an overarching vision or an attempt to foster innovation in the industry. They have been largely driven by attempts to leverage the cash flow of European telecom operators."
Author: Godell Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Russell is a highly respected and seasoned investment leader with a strong reputation for investment vision and innovation. He brings a wealth of investment management experience that will help us achieve our investment goals for our 1.4 million public employees, our employers and California taxpayers."
Author: Feckner Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"We are targeting innovation. We believe mobile applications are essential."
Author: Page Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"If we allow hostile takeovers to happen without limitations, we would gradually lose our domestic brands and innovation capability."
Author: Deshui Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"The Coca-Cola system strives to maintain a continuous stream of innovation by expanding our broad beverage portfolio to include a wide variety of beverage choices."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"In the last few years we've completely overhauled our product line and approach to the marketplace. Innovation is the fuel that drives competitive advantage and we'll continue to deliver innovative new products and business models that give our customers the edge they need to win."
"Modern science is fast-moving, and no laboratory can exist for long with a program based on old facilities. Innovation and renewal are required to keep a laboratory on the frontiers of science."
"Convergence is here and now, and our enterprise and carrier customers are demanding partners who can deliver enterprise innovation on carrier-grade platforms. With our carrier and enterprise capabilities, Nortel is uniquely positioned to deliver on this. We're playing to win, and that means having the determination and flexibility to transform our teams, simplify our portfolio, and focus our resources close to our customers, as well as harness both the power and opportunities of network convergence."
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"The President has laid out a clear path for a comprehensive innovation agenda that prioritizes critical areas of economic incentives and strong investments in math and science education to foster tomorrow's innovators. TechNet and its member companies look forward to working with both parties to enact policies to create an environment in which innovation can flourish and fuel continued U.S. global economic leadership."
Author: Westine Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"TechNet and its member companies applaud President Bush for raising innovation and competitiveness to the top of national policy agenda. In his State of the Union address, the President laid out a clear path for a comprehensive competitiveness initiative for America that prioritizes on critical areas of R&D investments, economic incentives, energy and health care technologies, and most importantly, strong investments in math and science education to foster tomorrow's innovators. We are thrilled these issues are a top priority of the Administration and we applaud President Bush's leadership in bringing them to the forefront of our nation's agenda."
Author: Westine Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes

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