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153 Innovation quotes:

"major breakthrough and innovation in theory."
"Companies are really pushing the boundaries with innovation. We'll see things that you might not typically consider to be a toy. That's because the whole shape of what kids are playing with now has changed dramatically."
Author: Silver Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Surely every medicine is an innovation, and he that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils."
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"The Innovation Centers have been working really well for IBM, ... When a vendor approaches them and says they want to partner, IBM asks them, 'Have you ported to Linux?' and, if they haven't, IBM recommends the centers to help them with tools [to migrate to Linux.]"
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"Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics."
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"Anyone who has invented a better mousetrap, or the contemporary equivalent, can expect to be harassed by strangers demanding that you read their unpublished manuscripts or undergo the humiliation of public speaking, usually on remote Midwestern campuses."
"The president will participate in a panel to discuss his American Competitiveness Initiative to encourage American innovation and strengthen our nation's ability to compete in the global economy."
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"As a result, we will continue to see more innovation on the Internet and on mobile phones than on consoles."
"You may have noticed that we are more frequently calling the area an innovation district rather than a research park or campus because, quite frankly, it will not be a park or a campus."
"still red hot and white hot for innovation. W Las Vegas will definitely be a laboratory for a lot of what we are doing."
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"It's not about who is buying whom in the industry, it's about process innovation."
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"Projects such as ALF enable vendors and users alike to provide the vision, innovation and resources to enhance the Eclipse platform."
"It's not an innovation problem; it's more a matter of production."
"This is an extremely exciting innovation -- one that will thrill current players and entice new ones."
Author: Iwata Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Notwithstanding [the Apple setback], we believe the pace of innovation behind our new technologies is accelerating."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Nintendo reiterated their strategy to emphasize game innovation and what is innovative."
Author: Olhava Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Software patents are clearly a menace to society and innovation. We like this to be more explicit."
Author: Greve Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Pure innovation is more gross than error."
"You've seen a huge decrease in the amount of browser innovation ever since Microsoft went out and bought Spyglass Technology and bundled it in for free into Windows. All of a sudden, people are saying 'why do we want to innovate on Microsoft, who has cornered the market,'"
Author: McNealy Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"The pharmaceutical sector is clearly looking at biotech as the innovation leader."

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