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"Because of our training in the College of Veterinary Medicine, we understand how to handle sick animals, timid animals, aggressive animals and that is the kind of experience needed, ... I'm imagining that most of the animals will be scared and dehydrated. Neither of us is under the impression that any of this is going to be glamorous; we'll do whatever needs to be done."
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"Puppy mills create misery for dogs and pain for the unwitting purchasers of the animals, and they indirectly deny suitable homes for animals in need. There are millions of healthy, adoptable animals available from shelters and breed rescue organizations."
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"It was the love of love, the love that swallows up all else, a grateful love, a love of nature, of people, of animals, a love engendering gentleness and goodness that moved me and that I saw in you."
"It used to be that people had stone floors because they shared living space with animals."
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"Well, we try to give the best care we can to the animals who need it. We're different from most shelters in that we have the volunteer and donor support to take care of bigger (medical) problems most shelters can't."
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"When I was a kid, I used to imagine animals running under my bed. I told my dad, and he solved the problem quickly. He cut the legs off the bed."
"Cats don't like change without their consent."
"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?"
"God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man."
"I gave my beauty and my youth to men. I am going to give my wisdom and experience to animals."
"I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her."
"I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul."
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"The dog is the god of frolic."
Author: Beecher Quotes Category: Animals Quotes Pets Quotes

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