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"This is my job,"
Author: Buckner Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"I'll never forget opening up a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant on the very day that Fry offered me the job, ... It said, 'Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.' It's turned out to be true."
Author: Bielema Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"It's hard sometimes to change peoples' minds. I play the game hard. I run to the wall. I play the game 100%. If they don't see that, what can I do? I do my job every year, so I don't have to worry about what they have to say."
Author: Abreu Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"I just go out there and do my job. I'm just trying to help my team win."
Author: Abreu Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"He died right after he retired, and seeing that made me feel more conscious of a man needing a motive to live. If I ever got out of coaching, I would have to get a job somewhere, or I'm afraid I'd wilt on the vine, too."
Author: Bowden Quotes Category: Job Quotes Motive Quotes
"I would have to go with USC. Actually, I think there's no doubt that it's USC. Pete Carroll just did an amazing job getting top-notch recruits."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"There are some things I have to get done that would affect the way I do my job. My father's got to go through some things, and I did a lot of thinking and I want to spend some time with him. I'd just like to be there for him when he has these operations, and it would be difficult with the schedule, playing every other night."
Author: Carpenter Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"They're a very good team; the best Missouri team I've seen. We've got a big job ahead of us. It's a bigger job than Penn State."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"Curran's make a good progress. He's a freshman and put into a pressure cooker like that, he did a great job."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Job Quotes Freshmen Quotes
"Post-9/11, money has been spent on nuclear radiation measurement technology that doesn't work. Here we are again. Are we going to take the technology that will actually do the job?"
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"Bottom line is: You have to do your job no matter what the situation, ... And I wasn't able to get that done."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Job Quotes Bottom Line Quotes
"Strong job figures will surely reinforce the view the U.S. economy remains robust enough for the Fed to head for further rate increases. The dollar will be strong."
Author: Umemoto Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"I thought Brooks did a fantastic job. He showed he can play and he got the team to believe in him."
Author: Testaverde Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"It was exciting to get the call. When your turn comes, you'd better take advantage of it, because it can go to the next guy if you don't do the job."
Author: Moe Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"it was just a great job of execution."
"[is] a good man and the right man for the job."
Author: Nugent Quotes Category: Job Quotes Good Man Quotes
"I know now that I have to go out and bring home the bacon,"
Author: Seo Quotes Category: Home Quotes Job Quotes
"I didn't think I was going to accept the job when I went there to visit. I had no idea I was going to like it."
Author: Beamer Quotes Category: Job Quotes

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