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"One hundred percent of the students who graduate are employed. There's more jobs than we can fill. It's a good problem to have."
Author: Bricker Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Individuals are working in low-wage jobs and do not have benefits. It makes it very hard for them to support their families and leave poverty."
Author: Gassman Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"He lets the people who work for him do their jobs. He expects not only a vision, but follow-through on the vision."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The Green Party welcomes ... foreign investments that create jobs and bring new technology to New Zealand. What we don't want is asset strippers who buy up iconic businesses and bleed them dry."
Author: Donald Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"These are high paying jobs."
Author: Lavin Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"(Statewide), the annual average wage and salary employment grew more than 46,000 jobs to a level nearly equal to the 2001 all-time high."
Author: Grice Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We're adding jobs at three to four times the monthly rate in July 2002."
Author: Harper Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"[The October jobs report] is one we're looking at, especially after the claims report today, ... It could be more significant in which way the Fed will go next time."
Author: Park Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Certainly the new iMac is a powerful offering, and Steve Jobs has pulled another rabbit out of his hat. But their biggest problem will continue to be their ability to get parts."
Author: Enderle Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We had three great players and a lot of role players who did their jobs."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I couldn't get any jobs, and when that happens, you get so humble it's disgusting. I didn't feel like a man anymore -- I felt really creepy. I was bumping into walls and saying, ''Excuse me.''"
Author: Pesci Quotes Category: Job Quotes Jobs Quotes
"The underlying trend looks to still be in the 200,000 (jobs per month) range, ... And if that is correct, conditions are okay, really."
Author: Naroff Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"These are good-paying jobs that would be hard to replace."
Author: Slenker Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"A lack of jobs is a key problem -- a lack of employment throughout the Andean region, but also a sense that income distribution remains highly skewed."
Author: DeShazo Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The state committed $20 million to bring in 7,500 jobs. That's the extent of our involvement. Countrywide decides where they're going to place those."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I expect yields to continue drifting higher. Anything that shows the jobs market is strong gives more ammunition to the Fed to keep raising rates."
Author: Shatz Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Steve Jobs has done a good job of selling, and the Apple interface is still superior, but he doesn't have critical mass."
Author: Tognazzini Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"For pretty much all the senior people at Apple, security is one of the top jobs on their list. When we think about security and how we design software, the basic approach is to make it as secure as possible, because most people really aren't security experts. We try to make sure things are pretty well locked down out of the box."
Author: Tribble Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"You really won't know until you know who is hired for those jobs. Certainly they're three of the most important jobs at the university."
Author: Gartner Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Nobody's losing their job. Their jobs are just being moved around a little bit."
Author: Bundy Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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