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"It's particularly devastating to the last 310 flight attendants laid off in 2001 after September 11, who were just called back to work Aug. 1, ... Now these people are being told they will be back on the street again. Northwest gave no thought to the fact that many of these folks left other jobs and careers to come back. Now they will have to look for work again."
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"The jobs report only goes part of the way toward confirming slower U.S. growth, ... It is not enough to push the euro up to 97 cents anytime soon."
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"The jobs report only goes part of the way toward confirming slower U.S. growth. It is not enough to push the euro up to 97 cents anytime soon."
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"The trends are all the same here, that no matter how profitable these companies get, they still are trying to downgrade these jobs. That's what we are trying to draw the line against. And we hope that the public will understand."
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"I had conference calls with the crew every morning, ... I mean, our jobs are high risk, always, but after seeing all the Hurricane Katrina footage, well, it can make you worry."
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"We pretty much provide most if not all of the kinds of jobs they are going to need in slot parlors."
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"Our belief is this shouldn't be a jobs program, it should be a career program."
"We're not even getting the $10-an-hour jobs. We're still putting an emphasis on retail stores. They don't provide living wages for families."
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"We don't want to turn into a nation of clock watchers. Most people enjoy their jobs, and don't mind putting in extra effort when there's a rush or in an emergency, but that easily turns into the long hours culture of extra hours every week."
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"Thousands of jobs have already gone, and we saw the effects of that a couple of summers ago when the airline found itself short of people at Heathrow."
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"There's a lot of jobs open. More than any other camp I can remember. When I came up, there was only one."
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"The more time and space he has, the more he can make plays. You have to take that away from him, try to shut him down. But he's really good. It's also going to take a whole checking line and four or five guys doing their jobs."
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"It was exciting. I know the girls have worked extraordinarily hard this year and I knew that they would be in position to be successful. I knew it would come down to how mentally tough they were. They executed and did their jobs."
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"The workforce is probably as demoralized as any of us would be if our jobs were flailing, our pay was cut in half, our benefits were cut out and our pensions were taken away. Expecting the workforce to be as customer-oriented as it has been in the past is probably not reasonable."
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"Industrial biotechnology offers the tools for the Western world to adapt to a more competitive marketplace and also keep some of those jobs in the local economy. It also offers new hope for the environment."
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"We think there is a value to these jobs, and it's a wise investment to look at a different rate structure for big industry."
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"Coal mining is probably one of the best jobs you can get around here."
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"I haven't read one book about A book or memorized one plot, Or found a mind I did not doubt, I learned one date. And then forgot. And one by one the solid scholars Get the degrees, the jobs, the dollars."
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"When so much is there for you, it does help take the stress out of our jobs."
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"Several others at the camp who regularly visit their villages say there is a need for more shelters, infrastructure and jobs in the valley [where their homes are]."
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