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"These kids, they stayed the course. They played hard for us all year long and they were rewarded for it."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It puts pressure on all these kids, because they are being evaluated. I think it's made us a better team, because nobody's taking a day off. They are going harder and harder everyday."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The kids played hard. This was a great opportunity for us to get some extended time for our bench, and they did well."
Author: Terpstra Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"To have two kids make the finals is a great way for the individual season to come to an end."
Author: Mesenbrink Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any."
Author: Astaire Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I thought our kids were well represented on all district teams. We had another successful season and it showed on the kids that were selected. Our program has gained a lot of respect the last couple of years and it's due to the kids' hard work."
Author: Wollam Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"This team is just different. Different kids, different time, different everything."
Author: Donovan Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"When my sister has the two kids (and) the two of them look like they're going to have the same problem in life, it just is like, `Yeah, this can end now, ... But there are so many worse things that could happen."
Author: Eckstein Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Jack and I were determined to have more kids, to have more healthy kids, and possibly to have a transplant for Molly."
Author: Nash Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It was a very pretty goal. They've got some very talented kids with foot skills. ... We like to call that the 'Midland High long ball,' because historically (Midland) will boot one long ball down the field, and one weird thing will happen, and ... the next thing you know, you're down 1-0."
Author: Richards Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"This is tremendous to have six teams in here at one time and have the best kids on each team in this room. It is an asset for these kids to get different looks from (wrestlers who) have different styles."
Author: Reidler Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The frequency of the gene increases because people who carry these genes are more fit and they have more kids. We think each gene conveys some sort of fitness advantage in brain biology. It could be an improved cognitive function or a personality trait. We're not sure. But we know whatever consequence they render is highly favored by selection."
Author: Lahn Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It makes you tear up a bit just to see that the kids can do something for you. There's one resident who knew that I did not have breakfast, lunch or dinner yesterday. At 10 at night, she was shoving crackers in my pocket telling me to keep my strength up as we were walking through here. I made her take them back, but they try and give back as well too."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Funky' is about the injustices, the things that go wrong, the hungry kids going to school trying to learn,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"They came back against some kids that don't get a lot of minutes. We had a bunch of turnovers on some inbound plays and didn't take very good care of the ball the last five minutes. I thought we took good care of the ball in general, just not at the end of the game."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Obviously I would like to have more kids from the state. It's getting tougher because of the success we've had - there are more schools in here recruiting."
Author: Friedgen Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I think I've said it all along, this season isn't totally unexpected to me. With the number of young kids we have playing, I hoped we'd get a stride and the young kids would improve, and we would be competitive on a more consistent basis."
Author: Stagnitta Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I am very proud of how hard our kids played and how physical they played. Especially in the second half against some adversity. The tenacity they showed was outstanding. We showed we are a quality team and now we have to prove it next week. We need to come out focused and play well."
Author: Webb Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"There's a big hill a quarter-mile from the finish that really gets kids. It really kind of separates the men from the boys on the hill there."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Twelve sick, sadistic kids could not have acted alone,"
Author: Harman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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