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"Just as appetite comes by eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning."
Author: Stravinsky Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes Russian Composer Quotes
"While the underlying prospect of the mainland financial stocks' improving profitability and the appetite of foreign institutions over mainland's financial market remains, the recent slowdown is an adjustment for the second phase of growth."
Author: Tang Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"As a result, I think it's fair to say that there's an appetite for the Province of Ontario to seriously explore more nuclear power."
Author: Nanos Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"It means the appetite for U.S. assets is still strong and that was enough to give stocks a boost this afternoon."
Author: Metz Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"It's a good thing to share and whet their appetite, Of course, it increased our audience."
Author: Hart Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"It is great to be able to include Lawrence. He has done well for London Wasps, and his appetite to play for England again is huge."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"Society is composed of two great classes, those that have more dinners than appetite, and those who have more appetite than dinners."
Author: Chamfort Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"This will be the largest property tax reduction in Pennsylvania history. If there is appetite to reduce property taxes more, we can cross that bridge down the road. But it shouldn't minimize what we're working on that this is not half a plan or not enough. This is going to be significant property tax relief."
Author: Philips Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes Bridge Quotes
"Radio is being challenged right now in a way that we haven't seen since television went mainstream in the 1950s. Today, there is much more of an appetite out there for taking risks and for trying something new."
"People want to keep up with what's happening, but more than anything else we wanted to showcase the multimedia content we have access to and address the huge appetite audiences are demonstrating for accessing video content on the Internet."
"I spoke with him on the phone and he's doing a lot better. The strength of his voice is back. He has no fever. His appetite is good and he's anxious to leave the hospital."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"His appetite has returned with a vengeance. This is an excellent sign."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes Vengeance Quotes
"I get bored very easily, ... I have a voracious appetite and I do not feel alive if I'm repeating something I'm good at. So I'm always looking for new challenges."
Author: Jewel Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes

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