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"It's learning you. It's delivering the music you like and tracks your interaction with the music."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It's been a year of learning and I'd like to believe that I'm better for it. Despite some difficulties, so much has been accomplished."
"We have learned a lot of lessons along the way. It's a season of learning experiences. (Saturday) we got a lead and let up and today we got down and we were able to come back, so I was pleased with how we responded."
Author: Leggett Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I'm proud of the way I've handled myself after a slow start, coming back the way I have and learning new positions [second base, third base]."
"Learning both sides of the plate - what is a strike and what is not a strike. And my biggest theory is being able to hit with two strikes, being able to put the bat on the ball."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"We're still learning and hopefully we'll learn a bit more tomorrow."
Author: Ponting Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I definitely think there's nothing better than learning from an experienced guy. Dustin, having taken all the reps he has, is certainly one they can learn from."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"He's still a learning 21-year-old, and he's only going to get better. To be plucked out of Double A and contribute to a championship-caliber club like he did, his mental makeup is second to none."
Author: Estrada Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners... Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing... not moving toward excellence."
Author: Waitley Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"We started on Monday. They're learning about installing and wrapping sheet metal on a job site."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It's been a learning curve for all of us."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Kellie is getting reps in the infield as well as the outfield during practice and is certainly learning a lot. She is constantly adapting to the Pac-10 level of play."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn."
"It was an initiation into the love of learning, of learning how to learn . . . as a matter of interdisciplinary cognition - that is, learning to know something by its relation to something else."
Author: Bernstein Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I think the governors right now are learning a tough lesson...I think you realize quickly that it's a combination of doing things in a more efficient manner, making sure you are maximizing the money you are getting from Washington."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Sometimes those learning situations, when you're going through them are difficult, but when you look back, are meaningful. Because the group that took part in it last year learned from it and pushed it through this year to the next step."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"We're still trying to figure out who we are. Our guys are still learning. We're hoping to hit our stride and do some really good things."
Author: Hurlock Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Learning isn't a means to an end; it is an end in itself."
Author: Heinlein Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I have learnt."
Author: White Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"It kind of opened up people's minds to different things. People are learning what different materials do and are experimenting more."

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