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"Although home sales have eased, the tremendous momentum in price appreciation was sustained in the fourth quarter because tight inventories still favored sellers."
"With less appreciation, consumers will be less able to tap into home equity loans to finance their purchases, which could put a damper on the national economy."
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"Communication was tough, but we always sensed there was a feeling of appreciation. There was always a crowd of kids wherever we were. They were the best act in town."
"I would really like to express my appreciation to the community for getting behind these kids throughout the year and showing your support."
"Home prices continue to be bid up in tight markets across the country, ... Eventually, appreciation rates will slow and come down to normal levels when the shortage of homes on the market improves and comes closer into balance, hopefully, by the second half of next year."
"Housing will decline modestly from the fifth consecutive record year in 2005, but will remain robust historically. Home price appreciation rates will moderate compared to recent years."
"And, I really admire them. I guess we try to show them as much appreciation as possible."
"I want to express my sincere appreciation to President Carter. As far as I know, it is entirely unprecedented in the 17 years of the BRAC process for a former commander in chief to write to save a particular military base from closure."
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"With China, India, Russia and other developing countries growing in market importance, recognition and appreciation of a brand name will not only help gain market share but also open up many, many opportunities for development."
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"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."
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"We're seeing reduced price appreciation in the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska although population growth and job growth there remain strong."
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"I just think we are going to have a flattening of the appreciation curve. There are negative prognosticators speaking about the collapse of housing and I don't think that is true."
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"Our research has always shown a correlation between foreclosures and a flattening home price appreciation curve."
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"If you've had very quick home-price appreciation, you don't have to raise rents too much. But if home-price appreciation slows, landlords will have to raise rents to start to cover that negative cash flow."
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"All charming people have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others."
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"When consumers realize they can no longer expect that appreciation bonus to subsidize their consumption habits, they will very likely pull back on spending."
"The team is warm and familiar, and what's more I get appreciation from the complete crew for my job: Not only, I did qualifying of the car, I will also start the Courage tomorrow afternoon."
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"A gift of praise, recognition, gratitude, appreciation, and love is treasured forever."
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"We are now seeing the lags from currency appreciation kick in, alongside more uneven growth south of the border."
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"We're looking for stocks that are showing accelerating earnings growth. Stock appreciation will follow earnings growth."

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