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"By coming to the Botanical Gardens, you can certainly gain an appreciation of the different kinds of plants we can grow here. It's amazing the plants we can grow here."
"We hope our students will become better citizens of the world and have a better appreciation of their own nation and community."
"The honeymoon period is now really over. The world is really starting to pressure China. There will be appreciation pressure on Asian currencies."
"On average, we expect the ruble's appreciation to slow down by more than two times next year."
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"We hope that under any scenario, the ruble's appreciation will range within 4-6% in 2006 and will eventually slow down by 1 percentage point per year."
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"I have no need to please others and to earn approval or appreciation. For, I and you are not different entities; you are I; and I am you."
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"Compare your griefs with other men's and they will seem less"
"Low interest rates and rampant house price appreciation have really been driving borrowing. As long-term rates finally start to rise, the pace of debt accumulation will slow."
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"With a field of cycling teams that is clearly considered world-caliber, fans have shown their excitement and appreciation for the race by attending in record numbers. With each day of racing becoming more exciting and dramatic, it is clear that the coverage, word-of-mouth and results have established this race as one of the greatest sporting events held in recent years."
"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread."
"expressed his appreciation for the Congress moving forward on a joint, bipartisan investigation of the response to Katrina."
"The president expressed his appreciation for Prime Minister Sharon's strong leadership. And the two leaders agreed to keep in touch in the coming months."
"The Emir expressed his appreciation for the call and indicated he would continue on the path of his brother, including building upon our strong US-Kuwait relations. The president also invited the Emir to visit the White House at his convenience."
"And the word I heard was that there was great appreciation for the notification that we provided."
"The visit will be an opportunity for the president to underscore his appreciation for President Toledo's leadership in promoting democracy in the Western Hemisphere and expanding free trade and economic growth. The two leaders also will discuss continuing cooperation in areas of mutual interest."
"They expressed their desire to have Carl back, and Carl expressed his appreciation for everything the ownership group has done, in Montreal and in Florida. We're going to keep open communication. Carl has a lot of emotional ties to the Marlins, but he is committed to testing the market. Whether they have the resources to compete with some other organizations for Carl's services is the question at hand."
"Never underestimate people. They do desire the cut of truth."
"I personally think the best option would have been a larger one-off revaluation and quicker appreciation since then."
"I personally think the best option would have been a larger one-time revaluation and quicker appreciation since then."
"The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead."
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