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"Look around you. The trees, flowers, birds, every animal and insect; every living thing. ItÆs miraculous. And it is all going to die. You will too, and so will all of those you love. The time will come when you will have to say good-bye to people. You don't know when. It could be tomorrow or next week. Yet, we live as if it will never happen. We get angry with our children or our partner, then leave for the day or longer, forgetting that if something terrible were to befall them, our last words would have been words of resentment and frustration, not love. And we would have to find a way to live with that."
Author: White Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"IF YOU LOOK at life's totality you will notice that every living thing exists for something else."
Author: Long Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"The songs of Bizet are by a French peer of Rossini. When Rossini stopped composing, he was living in Paris. He also wrote some beautiful songs in French."
Author: Bartoli Quotes Category: Living Quotes Italian Musician Quotes
"I always said I would fight a man in his living room and now I am getting to prove that,"
Author: Brewster Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Looking out to 2025, the number of people living in water-stressed countries will increase six and a half times."
Author: Postel Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"People may not realize that living to 100 is an achievable goal. If you are 52, you may have 48 or more years ahead of you! What is your plan? Let's live to be 100 or die trying!"
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"The wonderful thing about living apart is that nights when I don't stay with him I long to be with him. I sense the passion of wanting to be near Brian every day."
Author: Nykolay Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"I'd rather die while I'm living then live while I'm dead."
"It's interesting, because every fall we talk about how honored we are and (how) lucky we are to be living in the United States. One of the reasons we're able to do that is because of guys like Paul Fischer."
"I like big, secure companies, ... I know what they do for a living. When I see their names on my monthly statement I know how they make their money."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"They said, 'Come on, who would you rather have living next to you? The crazy white-separatist Weavers or a family of respected FBI agents?' ... The only answer I could come up with was, 'Whichever one plays their music quieter.'"
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"Gunther knew the mind of the animal, and he taught us all to love and respect all living things. He set a standard for performing which will be almost impossible to match."
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"History is an endless repetition of the wrong way of living"
Author: Durrell Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"Whether or not the standard of living made possible by mass production and in turn by mass circulation, is supported by and filled with the work of us hucksters, I guess is something that only history can decide."
"I see it as an opportunity. Because those people who are living in those condos are going to want to go someplace - to be entertained, have a cocktail, have a cup of coffee, read a paper, have breakfast, lunch, whatever. That's what I'm looking forward to."
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"Just because a kid is homeless, he shouldn't be denied the legacy of living in Colorado. Just because they're challenged with nutrition and clothing doesn't mean they can't have experiences that other children have."
Author: Moreno Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"There are obviously two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"He's a living legend. He means everything to this team. He's the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers."
Author: Porter Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"We have been living like cavemen, sleeping in cars, doing bodily functions outside. And meanwhile we're the victims, and we have families here."
Author: Owens Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"We were living large,"
Author: Batchelor Quotes Category: Living Quotes

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