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424 Management quotes:

"He's in management. But there's a lot of mining in Montana, and I know how dangerous it is."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"[The PDAs were loaded with customized Rapid Data Management Software (RDMS) developed by GRT and then transported directly to the Marine units onboard United States Navy ships deploying into hurricane stricken areas of the Gulf Coast. The customized software includes reporting capabilities on shelter, water/sanitation, medical, logistics and transportation requirements among others and can be quickly updated via satellite, cellular communications or the Internet. GRT is providing 24/7 secure Web-based data management support to the Marines and relief workers from its VNOC, which is manned by a team of communications, software, and computer specialists.] For the person in the field GRT's service is a simple to use but powerful reporting tool that assists with gathering time-sensitive information from relief and reconstruction operations around the world, ... The GRT technology is currently being used globally by humanitarian organizations and the Marines in other operations."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The kind of people I look for to fill top management spots are the eager beavers, the mavericks. These are the guys who try to do more than they're expected to do / they always reach."
Author: Iacocca Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Any manager who can't get along with a .400 hitter is crazy."
"I've spoken with his management and they say it's 50-50 for the Australian Open. I'm not optimistic now. I think he might miss. 50-50's not a great stat really in my experience."
Author: McNamee Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"To get one message across to everybody took a week. It was an absolute nightmare for the management."
"Companies have been diluting your equity via stock options claiming that management needs incentives of millions of dollars just to get up in the morning and come in to work, ... Then they pick you off by trading on insider information, selling shares before the bad news hits and you have a chance to get out."
Author: Gross Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I think Southern Miss needs to comment on their game management. I was not there. I didn't see it. I've only talked to a number of people involved in it."
"We had plans in place to expand the management team and he felt he needed to do something on his own,"
Author: Doyle Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The acquisition of Guggenheim Alternative Asset Management is a further step in this plan and will provide us with products and expertise in the alternative investment sector, which is an increasingly important segment of the investment market. We believe their sophisticated fund of hedge funds platform will be an attractive option for our institutional clients."
Author: Goggin Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Me and my agent have told the Eagles' management that we're no longer interested in talking to them as far as the contract situation, ... We don't feel as though we've received a proposal from them that really represents the value that I bring to this team and my market value. I think that in the last 2½, 3 years that I've been here, I've brought a lot to this team."
"We have a management team that we believe can bring Livingston success. It was always going to be a case of keeping plugging away. The football side of it is very much with Paul. It's simply going to take time. There is no doubt about our faith in Paul and Norrie McWhirter."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"We think this was a move to gauge management and shareholder reaction and flush out other potential bidders."
Author: Cahill Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I don't want to say athletics drives applications. But our enrollment management people will say we're getting more and more applications and therefore can be more selective in choosing our freshman class. They believe an awful lot of that is due to the visibility and national exposure we receive from our athletic programs."
"This program is not new to Hill or the industrial world. It's actually a management system that starts at the employee level. You get them to take charge of their safety program and then all the way up through management you develop a level of accountability."
Author: James Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I think sometimes it's difficult to run something by committee; the management of both companies are strong-willed types of individuals. They both have their own way of doing things. That makes it hard to have the flow you need and to create the sixth network."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Index investing outperforms active management year after year."
"Our Asset Management Services division is an important part of our Group. Over the last decade, we have built a significant international distribution capability, which delivers investment solutions to institutional investors and their consultants. Our strategy is to harness this capability to provide an enhanced range of investment solutions in the future."
Author: Goggin Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Our power management is pretty darn good with this device,"
Author: Epting Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Without really intending to, I kind of went up the ranks in museum management positions, ... I didn't plan on making a career of it, but it seems I really, really enjoy the work."
Author: Ezell Quotes Category: Management Quotes

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